Reward Points Module Settings
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The Reward Points module enables customers to earn points on purchases made in your store that can be redeemed during future store purchases, which they can spend like cash in your storefront. It helps establish customer loyalty and increases the chance of customers returning to make future purchases.
Reward Points Module Settings

This page is used to configure the Reward Points module. Here you can designate the number of reward points earned per dollar spent, establish the face value of a reward point and more.

There are two sections within the Reward Points Module Settings: Earning Reward Points and Spending Reward Points
Earning Reward Points

In the first section, 'Earning Reward Points', there are three options:

1) Reward Point Formula - This setting is used to set up the formula used for how many Reward Points a customer earns per dollar amount spent.

2) Earning Criteria - Designate whether customers will earn reward points for Products, Tax Value, and Shipping Value.

If you have Product Value toggled YES, Tax Value toggled NO, and Shipping Value toggled YES, when a customer places an order:

Reward points will be earned on the order's Product and Shipping values, but not the order's Tax value.

3) Rounding - This setting is used to set up the approach taken when partial Reward Points are earned. You can choose to either round them down, or round them up.
Spending Reward Points

In the second section, Spending Reward Points, there are another three options:

4) Reward Point Value- This setting designates the redeemable value of a reward point based on a set dollar amount. The amount set depends on your generosity.

5) Minimum Threshold- This sets the minimum number of Reward Points a customer may redeem during a single order.

6) Maximum Threshold- This sets the maximum number of Reward Points a customer may redeem during a single order.

The amount of reward points earned for individual products can be overridden in the Product Editor for the product.  That tool enables products to be excluded from reward point eligibility altogether or for customers to earn more/less than the reward point module's default settings. It can also be used to create a product simply to sell reward points, which is a common tactic for stores that sell inexpensive items such as mp3s.
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