Can QuickCode Tags be used on non-store webpages?
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using quickcode tags on my website?
In addition to my shopping cart, Modular Merchant also hosts my website. I was wondering if it's possible to use QuickCode Tags on the non-store pages of my website? Will they still work?

In short: nope.

follow-up question
Why not?

The reason the shopping cart pages are able to translate the QuickCode Tags is because specific software was built into it to allow it to do so. Each page of the shopping cart software has special functionality built in to it to look for and translate QuickCode Tags.

When a storefront page is viewed, the software first scans through the HTML template for that page, translating any instances of QuickCode Tags that are present in the template with the PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code that is appropriate for that QuickCode Tag and storefront page combination. The translated versions of the template is then processed and rendered in the viewer's web browser.

where can quickcode tags be used?
QuickCode Tags can be used in the following locations:

1. The templates contained in a template package.

2. Webpages created with the Custom Webpage Editor, located in the Design section of the store's Administration Area.

3. Custom QuickCode Tags created with the Custom QuickCode Tag Editor, located in the Design section of the store's Administration Area.

4. Email templates created with the Email Template Editor, located in the Design section of the store's Administration Area.

5. Email templates created with the Modular Mailer module.

follow-up to the follow-up question
Can I replicate a QuickCode Tag's functionality on a webpage that I create?

The QuickCode Tag Glossary contains an entry for nearly every QuickCode Tag that is available. (Entries for excluded QuickCode Tags can be added to the glossary upon request.)

At the bottom of each tag's glossary entry is a section titled Source Code, which contains the actual PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code that the QuickCode Tag will be translated into prior to being rendered in a web page.

The Source Code is provided for informational purposes only. Modular Merchant will not assist with troubleshooting any custom scripts developed by a third-party.

source code sometimes has prerequisites
The code used by most QuickCode Tags has several prerequisites. For example, the QuickCode Tags assume that a connection to the store's database has been established. The tag may also make references to variables and functions that have been initialized in other shopping cart files.

check source code date for guaranteed freshness
The code contained in the Source Code section is always pulled from a snapshot of the latest development build of the shopping cart software. The date that the source code sample was last updated is also listed.

Since this code comes from the latest development build, it is possible that the code being displayed is pre-release code that has not yet been published in a software update. Due to software and database changes that can potentially be introduced in a software update, pre-release code may not be 100% compatible with the current version of the shopping cart software that your store is running.

If using the Source Code to make your own custom scripts, be sure to check the date that it was most recently updated against the date of your store's latest update. The date of the store's most recent update can be found in the upper-right section of the Administration Area's Home page.
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