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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120515.0918
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • Optimal Payments Gateway (BETA)
    Added support for the Optimal Payments gateway. This payment gateway can be selected from System Setting # 29. Note: This payment gateway is considered "in beta". Its functionality may be adjusted over time. Use at your own risk.
  • Administration Area
  • Admin Editor
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the Admin Editor page from loading any data for users in certain time zones.
  • Affiliate Marketing module
    The Search Affiliate Tracking IDs page in the Affiliate Marketing module will now display the correct value in the Conversion Rate column.
  • Email Template Editor
    Fixed an issue in which deselecting the "include plain text/html version of email message" checkboxes wouldn't remove those versions of the message from the email.
  • Order Editor
    Fixed an issue in which the Print an Invoice link in the Related Pages section of the Order Editor could sometime load an order receipt with no order data. (This would typically only affect orders for customers who have placed many orders in the past.)
  • Product Editor
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the sections of the Product Editor from being able to expand.
  • Revision History
    The Revision History -- located at the bottom of the Customer Editor, Order Editor and other pages -- will now properly display revisions that were performed by customers or the system. (Previously, these types of revisions would have been listed as having been made by an Admin with a blank name.)
  • Search Customers
    The Edit Date and Last Login fields on the Search Customers page should now display the correct values. (Previously, a problem with a database lookup could cause these fields to display "Never" instead of a date.)
  • Search Products
    Fixed an issue in which exporting the products that are listed in the page's search results could cause all products to be exported instead.
  • Traffic Statistics Report
    Fixed two display issues that could appear on the Traffic Statistics Report:
    1. Removed an additional horizontal line that would be displayed below the Bandwidth Usage graph in accounts that aren't subscribed to a File Storage Area.
    2. Improved the code that checks for the presence of a Webalizer data file, to prevent a warning message that could be displayed on-screen when Webalizer's file isn't available.
  • Alert Notifications
    Added an alert to the Administration Area notifying the user if their store has subscriptions, but they have not yet selected a time of day in their module options to process their subscriptions.
  • Database Archives
    Added a Download Archives page (similar to the one in version 3) to the Administration Area. To add this page to your store's Navigation Menu, follow these steps:
    1. Select the Customize Navigation Menu link in the Navigation Menu.
    2. On the Customize Navigation Menu page, select the Download Archives item in the left column, and drag it to the desired location in the right column.
    3. Click the Home button in the Navigation Menu to return to the Administration Area's Home page.
    4. A link to the Download Archives page is now available in the menu that you specified.
  • Development Schedule
    Updated the format of the Development Schedule page within the store's Administration Area to display more information about each item on the schedule.
  • Email Queue
    If an email in the Email Queue uses an inactive template, a warning will now be displayed in its listing. Queued emails that use inactive templates will not be sent until their template is changed to be active.
  • Search Orders
    The ability to search orders by last four digits of a credit card number has been added.
    NOTE 1: The last four digits of the credit card number are not recorded in the store's database in plan text. They are masked.
    NOTE 2: The masked last four digits will start to be recorded as of this software update. Orders placed prior to this update won't be searchable by the last four credit card digits.
  • Search Products
    The minimum and maximum purchase quantities for products can now be set en masse on the Search Products page. (Previously, these values would be displayed, but were not editable.)
  • Shipment Manager
    Added a link to a Printable Order Receipt page to each shipment listed on the Shipment Manager page. The link will open in a new browser window/tab. This is the same printable order receipt that the Order Editor links to.
  • Template Package Menus
    On the following pages, the Template Package menu will now display "(LIVE)" next to the name of the Template Package that is currently being applied to the public storefront: [Design > Template Package Sandbox], [Design > HTML Templates], [Design > CSS/JavaScript Files] and [Design > Template Images].
  • Modules
  • Product Reviews
    Changed the Require Purchase setting in the Product Reviews module to default to "YES" instead of "NO".
  • QuickCode Tags
    The {AFFILIATE-STATS-TOTAL-HITS} QuickCode Tag will now display the correct value for affiliates that have more than one Tracking ID number.
    Fixed an issue with the {ORDER-SHIPPING-VALUE} QuickCode Tag which would cause it to display the wrong value in some situations when used in receipt emails. (It was not including product-level additional shipping fees in its calculation.)
    Added a {CAPTCHA} QuickCode Tag that will generate one of those funky little "wavy word images" and a text field. The customer must enter the words from the image into the text field. If the CAPTCHA tag is used on a page, then it will be a required field.
    Added rules to the {ORDER-DATE} and {ORDER-ID} QuickCode Tags to make them compatible with being placed in more locations on the receipt and printable receipt pages.
  • Storefront
  • QuickLinks
    The behavior of QuickLinks (links that add products to the customer's basket) have been changed when dealing with products that have a minimum or maximum purchase quantity.
    Previously, the QuickLinks would always attempt to add the number of units of the product to the customer's basket that is specified in the QuickLink. If that number of units fell outside the product's minimum or maximum purchase range, the product would not be added to the basket, and an error message would be displayed in the storefront.
    Now, If that number of units falls outside the product's minimum or maximum purchase range, it will add the lowest possible number of units to the customer's basket to fit within that range.
  • Customer Account Area
    The pages that make up the Customer Account Area in the storefront will now always load as secure, "https" pages.
  • Customer Log In
    Fixed an issue that could encountered when a customer logs in to their customer account that could potentially prevent the system from obtaining a list of the Customer Groups that they are in.
  • Shipping Calculations
    Fixed an issue in which a loophole could be exploited to select an ineligible shipping method when placing an order.
  • Customer Log In
    When a customer account is logged in to, it will now be recorded in the Account Activity report.
  • Subscriptions
  • eCheck Subscriptions
    Fixed an issue in which subscriptions that are paid for by eCheck would lose their routing number after being processed.
  • System
  • Email
    Fixed an issue that could cause HTML tags to be present in certain plain text email messages that are generated by the store.
  • System Settings
  • Company Name
    Fixed an issue in which a company name (System Setting #3) containing non-alphanumeric characters could cause the emails generated by the store to be sent from the wrong email address. Characters in a company's name that aren't allowed in email headers are now removed from the sender's name in emails that the store generates.
  • Security Settings
    Added System Setting #37, Retain All Credit Card Data. If set to YES, then credit card data will be encrypted and securely saved for every order placed. If set to NO, then it will be done only when orders containing subscription products are placed. (The credit card data is required in order to process future installments of the customer's subscription.) The System Setting defaults to YES.
  • Universal Template
  • Checkout Template
    Improved the formatting of the Customer Fields and Checkout Fields in the Universal version of the checkout_1 template.
  • Product Template
    The universal version of the product page template has been updated so that, if anonymous product reviews are allowed, the user will need to complete a CAPTCHA in order to submit their review. This is to help prevent bogus product reviews by web bots.

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