Customer Account
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A Customer Account is an individual record of each customer's contact information, purchase history, and more. Each customer account must have a unique email address.

Customer accounts are created automatically when an order is placed in the store. Customer accounts may also be manually created with the Customer Editor located in the store's Administration Area at [Customers > Add a Customer]. Existing customer accounts can be viewed on the Search Customers page located at [Customers > Search Customers].

The first time a customer places an order in the storefront, a customer account is automatically created, linked to the email address entered with the customer's billing information. When checking out, the customer may optionally enter a password. If they do, the customer will be able to log into the Customer Account Area in the storefront to view their order history, edit their contact information, etc. Customers that don't enter a password will be given the option to do so the next time they place an order in the storefront.

Customers can also be affiliates. If a customer is also an affiliate, their customer account will also contain their affiliate information, including sales statistics and affiliate Tracking IDs.
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