Version 13.0610 Release Notes
  Last Edited - 06/10/2013 10:52am PDT
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Release notes for Modular Merchant version 13.0610
  • Administration Area
  • Subscription Editor
    Updated the menu of shipping methods in the Subscription Editor to change the incorrectly titled "Free Shipping (SID 0)" shipping method to the "No shipping method selected (SID 0)".
  • Custom Webpage Editor
    When creating a new Custom Webpage, the active option will now default to "YES". (Previously, they would default to being inactive.)
  • Product Editor
    The Digital Delivery section of the Product Editor now has options for adding Audio Samples to the product. Even though these options are in the Digital Delivery section of the editor, samples can be added to any product, even products that don't have downloads assigned to them. For more details on this new feature, see the Audio Samples knowledge base article.
  • Modules
  • Reward Points
    Fixed an issue which could cause the reward points a customer earns to be credited to their account a little too early if the customer placed the order by PayPal.
  • QuickCode Tags
  • Audio Samples
    The following QuickCode Tags have been either updated or added in conjunction with the new options to add audio samples to products: {DIGITAL-SAMPLE-BLOCK-BEGIN}, {DIGITAL-SAMPLE-BLOCK-END}, {DIGITAL-SAMPLE-FILE}, {DIGITAL-SAMPLE-NAME}, {IF-DIGITAL-SAMPLE-BEGIN}, and {IF-DIGITAL-SAMPLE-END}.
    Updated the {THIS-PAGE} QuickCode tag, which prints the filename of the currently viewed page, so that it will display SEO-friendly URLs when used on a storefront's product, category, vendor or custom webpage. (Previously, this tag would always display the default, non SEO-friendly version of the page's file name.)
  • Storefront
  • Custom Webpages
    If a Custom Webpage is inactive, it can still be viewed by store admins. In this case, the following message will be appended to the top of the page: "You are allowed to view this inactive custom webpage because you are logged in as an Admin. Inactive custom webpages are not viewable by the public. As long as the custom webpage remains inactive, customers that attempt to view this page will be redirected to the storefront home page."
  • Universal Template
  • Product Page
    The Universal version of the storefront's product template (product.tpl) has been updated to add support for audio samples. If a product has audio samples assigned to it, then a Samples section will automatically be added to the tabbed content on the page. All template packages that use the Universal template system will begin using this feature immediately.

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