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Earn rewards with the Powered by Modular Merchant link
List of storefront pages and associated templates
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Earn rewards with the Powered by Modular Merchant link

Did you know that every Modular Merchant shopping cart includes a feature that can earn you up to 100% off your monthly fee, making your account free? It's true. Better yet, it's automatic; you're already eligible to start earning rewards.

The feature in question is the "referral" link that's present at the bottom of each storefront page. You know that "Powered by Modular Merchant" link at the bottom of each storefront page? That's your referral link. This article describes how that link can reduce your monthly invoice.
What is the "referral" link?

All webpages that are generated by the shopping cart software (such as the storefront pages, checkout pages, and pages created with the built-in "Custom Webpage" tool) will contain customizable "Powered by Modular Merchant" text, which links to the Modular Merchant site. This link is your "referral" link, which earns rewards for your account.

Any page on the website that's not created by the shopping cart software (such as a custom "About Us" page uploaded directly by FTP) won't include a referral link. Only webpages generated by the software will include it.

Emails sent by the store and the Modular Mailer bulk-mail module don't include a referral link either.
Can I control the placement and design of the link?

Yes. Your referral link can be displayed on any storefront page by using the {POWERED-BY-MM} QuickCode Tag to the store page's HTML template. This QuickCode Tag will create the complete link for you, including your store's unique referral code. It can be placed in any location, and styled as you desire*.

*As long as it remains human-readable and doesn't utilize "black hat" SEO tactics (such as making it the same color as the page background, making it hidden to all site visitors except Google's search engine spider, etc.). Those "black hat" tactics probably aren't a good idea anyway, since they would have a negative impact on your website's search engine rankings.

full creative control
Web developers can customize the design of this link even further. To create your own version of this link from scratch, simply create a link that is formatted in this way:

1. The link must point to:

2. Replace the XXXXX from the sample link above with your store's unique referral code. This code can be found in the Account Statistics section of the System Settings page in your store's Administration Area. (A new XXXXX number is generated each time the referral code or a referral link is viewed; all of the numbers are variations on the same ID, and so you can use any XXXXX number from your store's Account Statistics or the "Powered by Modular Merchant" links in the storefront.)

If a storefront page's HTML template includes a link that is formatted in this way, then it will not append its own version of it when the page is viewed in a web browser.
How does this link earn me rewards?

It's easy. If someone starts a new Modular Merchant account after clicking a link containing your referral code, then your account will earn a credit. This credit is equal to 10% of the price of eligible products that the new account purchases.

Is this just a one time credit? Nope! You'll continue to earn a 10% credit every month for the lifetime of the accounts that you refer!

That means that if ten accounts are started by users that click through your referral link, then your own Modular Merchant account could likely earn enough rewards to pay for itself, potentially making it free!
Do I earn rewards if someone starts a free trial account?

If a user starts a free trial after clicking through your referral link, then your account will still be considered to be that account's referrer. You will begin earning rewards if/when that account eventually activates — ie: when that account switches from a free trial to a paid monthly subscription.
Can I use my referral link in other locations?

If you'd like to increase the number of referrals — and subsequent rewards, that you generate — then yes, it is certainly possible to use your referral link in other locations, such as your blog and other websites you operate, email newsletters you send... basically, anywhere that website links can be used. You could even hand it out at parties or include it in a birthday card to your mother. We won't mind.
Where can I view my past and upcoming rewards?

All MMv4 accounts include a page that provides information about how your referral link is performing. This page is located within your store's Administration Area at: [Admin > Manage Modular Account > Reward Program]

The details available on the Reward Program page include:
  • The total number of accounts that you have referred (including trial, active and expired accounts).
  • Of all the accounts that you have referred, how many are currently evaluating a "free trial" version of the shopping cart software.
  • Of the accounts that you have referred, how many of those currently have an active account.
  • The total value of the rewards you have earned since your account began.
  • The current balance of the rewards you have accumulated.
  • A detailed list of the most recent rewards that your account has earned.

An example of the Referral Statistics information available within your store's Administration Area.

The Modular Merchant Referral Rewards program provides an easy-to-use, built in way to earn discounts towards your account. We hope that all of our clients are able to put this new feature to work for themselves and reduce their service fees by up to 100%.

Terms and conditions of the "Powered by Modular Merchant" referral program:

Referral rewards are earned on purchases of Marketplace 1K, Marketplace 3K, Marketplace 10K, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND and PLATINUM products. Referral rewards are not earned on the purchase of products not included in that list.

The reward value is 10% (ten percent) of the purchase price of the eligible products. If an eligible product's price is discounted when purchased, then the reward will be calculated off the discounted price.

Accumulated rewards are reviewed on the 1st day of each month. On that date, referring accounts that have accumulated $100.00 or more in referral rewards will have a credit equal to their current referral reward value applied to their account. This credit is provided in the form of a coupon that is applied to the referring account's Modular Merchant subscription. If the value of the coupon is greater than the amount invoiced, then the unused portion will be retained and applied to the client's next invoice.

Credits generated by the Referral Reward program will be distributed by the method described above. Credits earned through the Referral Reward program will not be distributed in cash.

— Last Edited - 04/24/2017 9:57am PDT
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