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Dropshipper Editor

Dropshippers are used to allow the store to calculate shipping from more than one location.  They can be assigned to individual products that ship from a different zip code than the one specified in the store's System Settings.  The Dropshipper Editor is used to create and edit dropshippers.

key concept
By default, all shipped products in the store will have the shipping calculations done based on the zip code specified in the System Settings page.  Overriding that setting to calculate from a different location is done using dropshippers.

Once the dropshipper has been created, it can be assigned to products using the Location this Product Ships From section of the Product Editor.
To add a new dropshipper:
  1. Go to [Shipping > Search Dropshippers > +].
  2. Configure the dropshipper.
  3. Click the Save Changes button when finished.
To edit an existing dropshipper:
  1. Go to [Shipping > Search Dropshippers].
  2. Locate the dropshipper using the provided search tools.
  3. Click either the SID number or the icon associated with the dropshipper.
  4. Make the desired changes to the dropshipper.
  5. Click Save Changes when finished.
Dropshipper Information

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the Subscription to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.  The SID will be assigned after the dropshipper is created.

If  is selected, the dropshipper is active.  If  is selected, the dropshipper is inactive.

Input Company Name or Nickname of the dropshipper.

First Name
The first name of the dropshipper.

Last Name
The last name of the dropshipper.

Address Line 1
The street address (line 1) of the dropshipper.

Address Line 2
The street address (line 2) of the dropshipper.

The dropshipper's city.

The state of the dropshipper. (Required for displaying real-time shipping rates for this dropshipper).

The zip code of the dropshipper. (Required for displaying real-time shipping rates for this dropshipper).

The country of the dropshipper. (Required for displaying real-time shipping rates for this dropshipper).

Area Code + Phone Number
The phone number of the dropshipper.


Shipped Product Filter
Specifies whether the store will generate fulfillment reports for all products that are assigned to the dropshipper, or just shipped products.

Update Products as Shipped
Specifies whether the system will set all products that are sent with the fulfillment report email as Shipped.

Report Generation Time(s)
The time of day that the fulfillment report for this dropshipper will be generated and emailed. To select more than one time, hold down the Ctrl button.  If no time is specified, the fulfillment report will not be generated or sent.

Shipping Methods

Ship Method Name
Use the checkboxes on the far right to select which ship methods will be available to the dropshipper.  Click the  button to select all ship methods.

Dropshipper Notes

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only.

— Last Edited - 04/1/2015 1:21pm PDT
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