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Subscription Editor

Subscriptions are used to automatically bill customers one or more times in the future.  The Subscription Editor is used to create and edit customer subscriptions.

In previous versions of the Modular Merchant software, Subscriptions were previously called Scheduled Orders.  The term Scheduled Order has been deprecated from the current software in favor of Subscription.

To create a new Subscription:
  1. Go to Orders > Add a Subscription.
  2. Input the customer's SID number.
  3. Click the Continue to Subscription Editor button.
To edit an existing subscription:
  1. Go to Orders > Search Subscription Queue.
  2. Locate the customer's Subscription.
  3. Click either the SID number or the icon associated with the Subscription.
  4. Make the desired edits to the Subscription.
  5. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
Subscriber Information

Select a Customer
Input the customer's SID number, if known, or click the Search button to open a popup window containing a customer search tool.  When the customer's SID has been loaded, click the Continue to the Subscription Editor button to move to the next step.

If editing an existing Subscription from the either the Customer Editor or Search Subscription Queue, the Select a Customer section will be skipped.

Customer Information & Billing Address
Data from the customer's account record will automatically be prepopulated into these sections.  Any edits to this section will also be applied to the customer record.
Payment Information

Payment Gateway
Using the dropdown menu, select the payment method to be associated with the Subscription.

How to update Credit Card
Use the dropdown menu to edit an existing credit card or select Save as a New Card to input a new one.

Credit Card Name
Enter the customer's name as it appears on the credit card.

Credit Card Number
Enter the full credit card number.

Credit Card Expiration
Use the dropdown menus to select the credit card's expiration date.

Affiliate Tracking ID
Input the affiliate's tracking ID if known, otherwise click the Search button to search for it.  If there is no affiliate associated with the Subscription, input 0 or delete the tracking ID.

Retain Tracking ID
Select this checkbox to permanently retain the tracking ID.  Otherwise, it will be automatically removed after the next Subscription order has been processed.

Coupon Codes
Enter the case sensitive coupon code or click the Search button to search for the coupon code.

Retain Coupon Codes
Select this checkbox to permanently retain the coupon code.  Otherwise, it will be automatically removed after the next Subscription order has been processed.

If the coupon code's redemption limit or expiration date has been reached, it will not be applied to the subscription, even if specified in the Coupon Codes field.

Products in this Subscription

Each product in the Subscription will have its own Product and Billing sections.  Click the Add a Product to this Subscription link to add a new product and a new Product and Billing section will be provided.

The Status dropdown menu is used to specify how the product will be treated the next time the subscription is processed. Process normally is the default setting, and keeps the subscription processing as normal. Pending cancellation is the setting used to have the subscription item deleted instead of invoiced the next time it is processed; used to cancel the subscription.

Remove product from subscription
This option displays a checkbox that upon selection, and click of the "Save Changes" button, will immediately delete the subscription item.

Product SID
Input the product's SID number, if known, or click the Search button to open a popup window containing a product search tool.
Price Override
Click this checkbox to open a field where the product's price can be overwritten for this Subscription only.

Input the quantity of the product.  Gift Wrap can be selected as well.

This denotes how many times the product in the Subscription has been invoiced or declined.

Bill Date
This is the date that the product will next be invoiced.  Click the calendar icon  to bring up a calendar where the date can be selected.  Otherwise, the date can be inputted into the Bill Date field.

Select the Hold checkbox to bring up a dropdown menu where the product can be put on hold indefinitely, or until a certain date. 

The Reps field indicates how many times the product will be rebilled.

Rebill SID
This is used to specify which product is rebilled next. 

Enter the same product SID to create an endless rebill loop.  Enter a different SID to create a daisy chain.  A daisy chain is used to automatically change products from one to another.  It is a useful tool for setting up flex payments or trial products where the regular price of the item varies from the customer's original purchase price.

Bill Term
The product's Bill Term can either be Every X days, Anniversary Date, or X Day of week/month/year.  When the choice has been selected from the dropdown menu, additional options will be available, which are explained in further detail below.

Every X days...
Input the number of days between rebills.

Every 30 days.  If a customer buys the product on August 12th, they will be rebilled on September 11th, October 11th, November 10th, and so on.

Anniversary Date...
Future orders are processed on the anniversary date of the original order.  Can be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

If monthly is selected, and a customer buys the product on August, 12th, they will be rebilled for the product on September 12th, October 12th, November 12th, and so on.

X Day of Week/Month/Year...
Use this option to specify a certain day of the week, month, or year. 

If the 1st day of every 1 month is selected and a customer buys the product on August 12th, they will be rebilled on September 1st, October 1st, and so on.

The Orders placed less than __ day(s) before the next bill date will be pushed to the next billing period option is used to specify a grace period for the customer's first rebill.  For example, if a product is set to rebill on the 1st of every month, you may not want to rebill the customer if they first bought the product on the 30th day of the previous month.

Order Memo for this Product
The Order Memo section can be used to send a note to the customer when the product gets invoiced.  The memo will be included in the receipt email.

Retain Memo
If selected, the memo will be permanently assigned to the product and sent to the customer each time it is invoiced.

Use this field to send the customer a note related to the subscription product.

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