Place a FREE Digital Delivery Order
  Last Edited - 11/16/2011 9:48am PST
  Category Path - Shopping Cart Software Components > Administration Area > Modules > Digital Delivery
The Place a FREE Digital Delivery Order tool is available for store administrators to place free Digital Delivery orders for individual customers. The free orders created with this tool will be treated just like regular orders: the order will be included on the Search Orders page, a unique access password will be generated for the downloads, the customer will be emailed a receipt, etc.
Place a FREE Digital Delivery Order

Customer Name
Enter the customer's name.  It will be included with the email sent to the customer.

Customer Email
Enter the customer's email address.  If the customer's email address is already associated with a current store customer, the free order will be associated with their Customer Account and will be included in their order history.

Select Digital Product(s)
Select one or more digital products.  The customer will have access to all of the digital objects associated with those products.

Clicking the Place FREE Digital Delivery Order button will create a $0.00 order for that customer, which will be treated by the shopping cart software like any other order that was placed either in the storefront or with the Place an Order tool.

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