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Place an Order Tool

The Place an Order tool is available for store administrators to place orders for customers directly in the administration area, without having to use the storefront.  This is a convenient tool for call center or other admins to place phone orders.

Step 1

The first step in placing an order is to select Option 1: Place an order for a new customer or Option 2: Place an order for an existing customer.  If Option 1 is selected, the products will be added to the basket first, then the customer account will be created at the end of the process.  If Option 2 is selected, a search tool will become available to search for and select the desired customer.  Input the customer's first or last name, email address, or SID number to search for the customer.

Type @ in the search field to bring up a list of all customers.

It is also possible to create the customer account first, prior to using the Place an Order tool.  To do that, first go to [Customers > Add a Customer].

Step 2

Step 2 is where the products are added to the order.

Basket Contents
In the product search tool titled Find Products Matching:,  simply input the name, SID, or SKU of the product you'd like to add.  The product(s) will appear in the Search Results section, along with an Add button and a field to specify the quantity of the product.

Use the Override Price checkbox to have instant access to edit the price of the products in the basket.  If the Override Price tool is used, be sure to click the Update Basket Values button prior to continuing to the next step.

When the customer's basket has been finalized, click the Continue button to go to the next step.

Step 3

Step 3 is used to input the customer's shipping address and select a shipping method.

Basket Contents
If needed, the basket contents can be edited by updating the product quantity, using the price override, or deleting items.

Enter a Ship Address for this order...
Input the customer's ship address.  All fields are required, other than line 2 of the Ship Address field.

Shipping Options
Once the ship address has been inputted, select a ship method using the radio buttons on the left.  Administrators also have the ability to edit the price of any ship method.

When the customer's shipping info has been finalized, click the Continue button to go to the next step.

Step 3 will be automatically skipped if the order does not contain products that require shipping, such as for Digital Products.

Step 4

Step 4 is used to input the customer's billing address, payment info, and to submit the order.

Basket Contents
The basket contents can be edited by updating the product quantity, using the price override, or deleting items.

Bill Address
The Auto-Fill Billing Fields checkbox can be used to pre-populate the billing fields with the data inputted in the shipping fields on Step 3.  Otherwise, input the customer's billing address.

Payment Information
Select the payment type with the Select Pay Method drop down menu.  Once that selection has been made, additional fields will be available related to the pay method. 

The Select Pay Method drop down menu will automatically default to the one inputted in the Payment Settings section of the store's System Settings and will prepopulate the associated payment fields.

When the customer's order has been finalized, click the Place the Order! button to place the order.

Clicking the Place the Order! button is the final step.  Clicking that button will process the transaction through the selected payment gateway.

Step 5

Once step 5 has been reached, the order has been placed.  A summary of the order will be displayed, as well as the Order ID number and a link to the Order Editor.  Depending on how the system settings are configured, a receipt email may be generated and sent to the customer and and an order notification email will be sent to store administrators.

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