Shelf Life
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Shelf Life is the period of time that a customer will have access to a digital object after placing an order that includes the digital object.

The Digital Delivery Module Settings include an option to specify a Default Digital Object Shelf Life. This setting will be used for the shelf life any time a new digital object is created, whether it is created by using the Digital Object Editor to add a digital object, by using the Scan File Server & Add a Series of Digital Objects tool, or through the Upload Files & create Digital Objects option in the Product Editor.

The shelf life setting for each digital object may be adjusted by updating the Shelf Life option in the Digital Object Editor. The setting of an individual digital object's shelf life will override the Digital Delivery Module default shelf life setting, for that specific digital object.

what is affected by changes to shelf life settings?
If the Digital Delivery Module default shelf life value is changed, then any new digital objects will start out with the new default shelf life. Any digital objects that have already been created will keep their existing shelf life values.

If a digital object's shelf life is edited, the new value will be used for any new orders. Orders that were already placed before the change will keep the shelf life value from when the order was placed.

A digital object's shelf life may be set to unlimited, in which case customers who have purchased the digital object will be able to access it indefinitely, and download as many copies as they wish.

Or, the shelf life may be set to a limited number of hours and attempts. In this case, customers will only be able to make a specified number of download attempts, and within a specified number of hours. Once a customer has made the specified number of download attempts, the customer will not be able to download the digital object again, unless the customer purchases a new instance, or a store administrator extends the customer's access. Furthermore, once the specified number of hours passes from the time of the order, the customer will no longer be able to download the digital object -- even if the customer has not yet made a single download attempt. Again, this deadline may be extended by a store administrator.

how to extend or decrease a customer's download attempts and deadline
To adjust the shelf life for an individual customer's order, simply open the customer's order in the Order Editor and locate the Order Deliverables section. The Expiration Date and maximum number of Download Attempts may both be adjusted. The customer may be given more or less time, and more or less download attempts. Be sure to click Save Changes to this Order at the bottom of the page after making the desired adjustments.
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