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White-hot important announcements from Modular Merchant that will make your spine tingle and toes curl.
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New Navigation Menu Coming October 1st
— Last updated: 09/17/2013 9:44pm PDT
Recommended update for responsive template packages
— Last updated: 08/15/2013 1:59pm PDT
Change for annual and semi-annual billing in 2012
— Last updated: 01/20/2012 4:56pm PST
Modular Merchant on Facebook
— Last updated: 06/8/2011 4:57pm PDT
Get MMv4 Development Updates on Twitter
— Last updated: 06/8/2011 4:57pm PDT
Modular Merchant version 4 (MMv4) is in development!
— Last updated: 06/8/2011 4:57pm PDT
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