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Event Engine Module Settings
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Event Engine Module Settings

These options control the behavior of the Event Engine module.
Event Engine Module Settings

Coupon Code Length?
All store generated coupon codes will automatically be this length.

If an Event is restricted to a category, should subcategories under it also match?
If selected, subcategories must be specifically included with the Event.  If unselected, subcategories will automatically be applied to events if the parent is selected.

Restrict coupon usage to one coupon per order?
This setting determines whether customers can input a single coupon code or multiple coupon codes in a single order.

Gift Certificate Notification Email

The notification email will be sent to gift certificate recipients.

Email Subject
This will appear on the subject line of the email the gift certificate recipient receives.

Additional Recipients
Any additional email addresses inputted here will automatically also receive a copy of the gift certificate email.

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