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MMv4: New tools for managing Admins
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MMv4: New tools for managing Admins

MMv4 introduces new tools for managing your store Admins. Admins are the people who have access to the store's aptly named "Administration Area". Now you can control over your Admins like never before.

Here's what's new about the Admin Accounts in MMv4:


Admin-Specific Permission Levels
In version 3, Admins could be assigned to one of five different account types: Super, Tech, Manufacturer, Fulfillment or Call Center Admins. Each account type had different permission levels. For example, only Super Admins had permission to view full credit card numbers and change the store's system-wide settings.

The problem was that, more often than not, our clients would end up with one or more "hybrid-admins" who just didn't fit a mold: a Call Center admin that also needed to edit products, a Fulfillment Admin who needed access to the web design tools, or a Tech Admin who needed access to the company helicopter.

While we couldn't help with helicopter access, MMv4 does add a feature that solves the hybrid-admin crisis: admin-specific permission levels.

MMv4 introduces admin-specific permission levels. For each Admin you create, you're presented of a list of all the different types of actions they may be allowed to do. Simply turn each action on or off. Permissions may be set differently for each Admin that you create. Each Admin's access-level can now be completely unique!

An example of just some of the admin-specific permission levels in MMv4.


Admin Attributes
If you've ever needed to remember anything about anyone working for you, then has MMv4 got the tool for you! Admin Attributes allow you to create an unlimited number of "tags" to record information for each Admin.

Make an Attribute for anything you need to remember: your Admins' birthdays, whether they're right or left handed, the date their certification to handle enriched uranium expires, or their favorite Bee Gees song.

Record your Attribute information in a variety of ways: as a simple text field, radio buttons, checkboxes, lists or dropdown menus. Pick the interface that best fits the Attribute.

Create an unlimited number of "tags" for your employees with Admin Attributes.


Improved Admin Profile
New options have been added to the Admin's profile as well. The width of the Admin area pages can be customized per-Admin account. This is perfect if you'd like to create an Admin account just for viewing the Admin area on a mobile device.

Modular Merchant's community websites, such as the forum, glossaries and knowledge base are also more closely tied together in MMv4, and your custom profile information can be automatically included with any question, post or article you respond to.

Make your mark on the internet with the beefier Admin Profile options.

— Last Edited - 08/10/2010 9:48pm PDT
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