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In Modular Merchant version 4 (MMv4), many components of the shopping cart software were revamped, rethought or rebuilt. This category contains articles listing the major improvements and changes introduced in MMv4.

Sections of the Administration Area
Converting to MMv4: Custom scripts and templates
— Last updated: 02/3/2012 11:12am PST
Introducing MMv4: An Overview of What's New
— Last updated: 01/14/2014 10:16am PST
MMv4: Changes to Admin Home Page
— Last updated: 05/28/2010 2:13pm PDT
MMv4: General Changes
— Last updated: 03/6/2014 9:48am PST
MMv4: New tools for managing Admins
— Last updated: 08/10/2010 9:48pm PDT
MMv4: New Tools to Help You Get Started
— Last updated: 06/15/2010 4:30pm PDT
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