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Troubleshooting RMV installations
Creating Members-Only Websites: Introduction Create Members-Only Websites: Simple Method
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Troubleshooting RMV installations

The purpose of this article is to provide troubleshooting assistance for common problems encountered when running the RMV system on a third-party server. If the RMV scripts are running on a server managed by a company other than Modular Merchant, then this article is the full extent of the technical support we can provide for it.

I have tried to set up a login using RMV. I keep getting error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/mysite/public_html/mm_membership_validator.php on line 14

This error message is being generated because the third-party web server on which the RMV scripts were installed does not have PHP's cURL library installed.

The solution to the issue would be one of the following:

1. Contact the company that manages the server on which the scripts are running, and have PHP's cURL library made available.


2. The sample RMV scripts provided by Modular Merchant in the RMV tutorial at are written in PHP. If PHP isn't available on the third-party server on which the RMV system is to be used, then its functionality could be reproduced using a different programming language, such as ASP. Any programming language can be used, but PHP is used in the sample scripts and tutorials we provide.

I created a restricted access member's area that uses the RMV system for logins. It has been working great for most of my customers, but suddenly one particular customers started receiving an error message and can no longer log in. The error message is: "The purchase of ANY of the listed products is required. Customer has the purchase of none of these products."

This error message is generated because the particular customer account no longer meets the requirements that have been set up in the login page. There are many different variables that may be customized in the login page. When the above error message is received, the variables that should be reviewed are as follows:


Information about these variables is available in the following Knowledge Base article:
Controlling the RMV System's Behavior with Variables

When a user submits their login form, they're either taken to an unexpected page or a page with a "404: Page Not Found" message.

A common cause of this problem is that the login form's "action" is pointing to the wrong web page. Make sure the form is submitting its data to the correct URL.

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