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The Product Reviews module allows you to not only obtain valuable feedback about the products in your store, but it also generates additional content for your website and can help turn customers in to evangelists for your products!

The Product Reviews Module Home Page is a list of the major sections of the store's product reviews system. The sections of the module are as follows:

The items in this section control the module's behavior and appearance in the storefront.

Online Manual
A link to the online knowledge base that you are reading right now. The knowledge base is chock full of questions & answers, tutorials and walkthroughs.

Product Reviews Module Settings
These settings control the behavior of the module in your store. Use these settings to customize how your customers interact with the review system.

Manage Reviews

This group of options is related to searching, editing and creating reviews.

Search Product Reviews
Search Reviews placed by customers in your store about your products.

Approve Pending Product Reviews
By default, new reviews are not displayed publicly in the storefront until approved by a store admin.

Add a Review
Manually add a Product Review for either a guest, customer or store admin.

Ranking Criteria

This section is dedicated to managing the various criteria that customers can rank for each product.

Search Ranking Criteria Groups
Ranking Criteria Groups provide the customer with a checklist of product attributes to rate. View the Ranking Criteria Groups you have created.

Add a Ranking Criteria Group
Ranking Criteria Groups provide the customer with a checklist of product attributes to rate. Products may be ranked on as many criteria as you like.

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