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Search Product Reviews

The Search Product Reviews page displays all of the reviews that have been submitted, allowing you to view and sort them easily. This page also provides options to approve new reviews that have been written and make bulk changes.


By default, the reviews are sorted by their SID (System ID) number in descending order (newest reviews listed first).  You can select a different method of sorting by clicking the up and down arrows in each column. 


Information available in the Search Results


The following information is available for display in the Search Results section of the page.

SID (System ID)
The SID is a unique number that identifies the review to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

User Type
Reviews may be written by Customers, Guests (customers who are either new or not logged in to the storefront), or Admins.

Guests can be prevented from submitting reviews by enabling the Require Purchase module option and using the {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-BEGIN} and {IF-REVIEWER-AUTHORIZED-END} QuickCode Tags in the webpage's template.

User's Name / Email
The first name, last name, and email address of the user that wrote the review, if available.

Click this icon to view the complete text of the review in a popup window.

The average rank given to each of the product's criteria in the review will be listed here. Click the link to view the individual ranks that make up this review's average.

Helpful Votes
The number of times the "this review was helpful" link that can be generated with the {URL-REVIEW-VOTE-IS-HELPFUL} QuickCode Tag has been clicked.

Unhelpful Votes
The number of times the "this review was not helpful" link that can be generated with the {URL-REVIEW-VOTE-IS-UNHELPFUL} QuickCode Tag has been clicked.

Review Date
The date the review was created. By default, reviews are displayed in the storefront from newest to oldest.

Notes about the review. Multiple notes can be entered for each review, which are stored historically by both date and administrator who wrote them. Notes are never seen by customers. They are available only within the store's administration area.

The approval status of the review. Unapproved reviews are not displayed in the storefront. The approval status of a review can be changed instantly by clicking the "YES/NO" toggle button. It is not necessary to click the "GO" button at the bottom of the page to save changes to a review's approval status when using the "YES/NO" toggle button.

Click on the SID number or    icon to edit a review.

 (Checkmark icon)
The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown box below the Search Results, giving you the option of making changes to one or more items at once.

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