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Order Editor

Orders are purchases that have occurred in the store.  The Order Editor displays details about each individual order and provides options to edit them.

The individual sections of the Order Editor are explained in further detail below.
Customer Account Info

Customer SID
This field displays the SID (System ID) number of the customer associated with the order. 

Click the  icon to go to the Customer Editor

Click the  icon to send an email to the customer. 

Click the  icon to go to the storefront logged in as the customer. 

Click the  icon to load the customer's info in and go to the Place an Order tool

Click the  icon to go to the Subscription Editor for the customer.

Editing the Customer SID will reassign the order to a different customer. This should only be done in extreme cases, since any changes will permanently affect the customer's order history.

Displays the email address associated with the order.

Displays the area code and phone number.

IP Address
Displays the customer's IP address, if it was available when the order was placed.

Basket ID
Displays the Basket ID associated with the order.
Billing Address

Displays the customer's billing name, street address, city, state, zip, and country.
Shipping Address

Displays the customer's shipping name, street address, city, state, zip, and country, if applicable.
Order Deliverables & Shipments

Displays the quantity in the shipment or deliverable.

Product Name
Displays the product's name.

Unit Price Paid
The price paid by the customer for each unit.

Line Price
A summary of the quantity times the unit price.

Notes are not viewable by customers; only by store administrators.

Order Deliverables & Shipments are explained in detail in the Working with Shipments KB article.

Order Status

Displays how the order was placed.  There are 3 possibilities, explained below.
  1. Customer
    This indicates that the storefront was used to place the order.
  2. Administrator
    This indicates that a store administrator placed the order. (typically through use of the Place an Order tool.)
  3. System
    This indicates that the Subscription module was used to place the order.
Fulfillment Reports
Displays any fulfillment reports that included the order data.

Displays any events that were triggered and applied to the order.
Checkout Fields

Displays the SID (System ID) number of the checkout field.

Displays the checkout field's name.
Order Notes

Notes are displayed to store administrators only and are not viewable by customers.

Order Tallies

Product Value
Displays the total value of all products in the order.

To increase the amount of the order, input a value into the Adjustment field.  Negative numbers can also be inputted to decrease the amount of the order.

Order Total
The order's grand total.
Payment Info

Order Date
The date the order occurred in the store.

Authorization Date
Displays the date the order was authorized.

Date Paid
Displays the date the order was paid.

Displays the payment gateway or method associated with the order.

Credit Card Name
Displays the name on the customer's credit card.

Credit Card Number
Displays the credit number.

It is possible to hide the full credit credit card numbers from being viewed by certain admin accounts.  To do this: 
  1. Go to Admin > Search Admin Accounts.  
  2. Locate the admin account, and click the icon to edit it.
  3. From within the Admin Account Editor, deselect View full credit card numbers.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
  5. You may also want to deselect to prevent the admin from turning that option back on.

Credit Card Expiration
Displays the credit card expiration date.
Order Receipt

To generate and send an order receipt, input the email address and click the Email Receipt to button.
Order Memo

The content of the Order Memo field is displayed to customers in their receipts and their Customer Account Area in the storefront. This section can be used to include any important messages or notes about the order.

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