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Ban Rule Editor

Ban Rules are used to prevent certain customers from placing orders in the store.  The Ban Rule Editor is used to create and edit Ban Rules.
To add a new ban rule:
  1. Go to Customers > Add a Ban Rule.
  2. Input the Banned Value, which is the specific criteria used to prevent related customers from purchasing in the store.  Required.
  3. Select whether the ban rule is Active or Inactive.
  4. Enter a description for this Ban Rule, if needed.
  5. Click Save Changes when finished.
To edit an existing ban rule:
  1. Go to Customers > Search Ban Rules.
  2. Click either the SID number or the icon associated with the ban rule.
  3. Make the desired changes to the ban rule.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished.
Ban Rule Editor Columns

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the ban to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

Banned Value
This is the criteria that the system will check during the checkout process. If the banned value or criteria is found, the system will not allow the customer to place the order and an error message will be displayed to the customer.  The Banned Value can be one of the following types: IP Address, credit card number, country, or email address.

This will display the type of ban rule. The system will automatically determine the ban rule type based upon the banned value and display it once the Ban Rule has been saved.

An active Ban Rule will be checked by the system during checkout.  Inactive Ban Rules will be ignored.

Can be used to describe the Ban Rule to store administrators.

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only.

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