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New Office Space Offers More Space in the Office
Practical eCommerce interviews Modular Merchant: "Director's Cut"
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New Office Space Offers More Space in the Office

New Office Space Offers More Space in the Office
Modular Merchant Goes Uptown by Moving Downtown

EUGENE, OR - (February 1, 2006) – Modular Merchant celebrated the new year by moving in to their new offices in downtown Eugene, Oregon. The company founder, Chuck Marier, was excited to share about the experience. "Moving into the office downtown has been a great experience," he beamed, "We have a lot more space to work, which is a blessing. For example, when we discovered that the roof leaks, we had plenty of room to move our computers and printers out of the way."

The Modular Merchant building is shared with other local institution, Pacific University. "They’re really nice," continued Mr. Marier, "every time one of their students wanders into our office asking where their class is, it gives us an opportunity to guide them down to the correct side of the building and say hello to the Pacific University staff. Sometimes they wave and remember my name."

"When we discovered the roof leaks, we had plenty of room to move our computers out of the way."

But not to be outdone by the do-gooding university, Modular Merchant is also doing its part for the local community. "It feels good to pitch in our part. The $170 a month we now pay for parking is helping the local economy. It makes you proud to make a difference, y’know?" offered Chuck... without even being asked a specific question.

Now that they’ve settled in downtown, does the Modular Merchant staff miss their old digs? "Are you kidding?" questioned the company founder, "Being downtown makes you feel secure. The constant sirens are a comforting reminder that there’s always a policeman, fireman or paramedic nearby. When I discovered my car had been bashed into and burgled a few weeks ago, it was reassuring to know that help was only a siren away."

"It's reassuring to know that help is only a siren away."

As they validated my parking and jury-rigged the elevator open for my departure, it became clear that even with the challenges a new office space can bring, the Modular Merchant staff continues to grow, produce industry-leading shopping cart software, and offer exceptional technical support. Even after they’ve grown out of their current offices, it will be quite a feat for them to improve on their software and service. However, they'll certainly find a way to do so.


About Modular Merchant
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Modular Merchant develops shopping cart software and supports their clients with website hosting and custom programming. Their developers have provided solutions for Vivendi Universal, Sierra Online, Safe & Civil Schools, and many growing businesses across the country and globe.

Modular Merchant’s shopping cart service plans average $119 a month, and include shopping cart software, website hosting, a SSL security certificate, and tech support.

Charles Marier
Modular Merchant

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New Office Space Offers More Space in the Office