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Merchant Account Sale: Get a 1.99% Rate!
Making Your Store 97.5% Faster (Zoom!) So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? (interview)
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Merchant Account Sale: Get a 1.99% Rate!

temporary price reduction!
Accept credit cards at a 1.99% rate!

Lock in this rate now! Sale ends on May 31st, 2013!
Offer available to new merchant accounts only.

If you run an online store, you likely also accept credit cards — it's a fact of ecommerce.

Another fact of ecommerce is that your merchant account charges a fee for every credit card transaction that's processed in your store. This fee is also known as the "discount rate".

Each service provider sets their own discount rate. Some even charge a higher fee when a credit card is used online, as opposed to in-person in a brick and mortar location!

Lock in your 1.99% rate! Modular Merchant, in association with merchant account provider e-online data, has brokered an agreement to provide merchant accounts to new merchants at the exceptionally low discount rate of 1.99% + 25¢ per transaction!

This discount rate applies to all transaction types: online and offline.
(The rate doesn't increase for online sales.)

If you're currently using a different merchant account service provider, make the switch to Modular Merchant & e-online data today!

And if you're just starting out, and need to start accepting credit cards, this is a great way to get started.

The entire signup process is handled online through a secure application process, so you can get started any time, 24/7. But, don't wait too long, this sale ends on May 31st, 2013. Start your application now to lock in this exceptionally low rate!

more information
More details about this temporary rate reduction for new merchants, including rate comparisons, an itemized fee schedule, and examples, are available on our website.

— Last Edited - 04/17/2013 1:16pm PDT
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