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Major Update Coming: Late March/Early April
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Major Update Coming: Late March/Early April

The super-awesome software update described below was released and installed in MMv4 shopping cart software accounts on 4/2/2013.

All of these features are now available for use. Enjoy!

Early spring 2013 will bring with it not only flowers and sunshine, but a major Modular Merchant shopping cart software update as well. Usually, we release software updates every 2-3 weeks. But this time we're scheduling a little extra time to really pack some exciting stuff into our next update. Things that are currently scheduled to be included in this upcoming update include:
  • Supercharged Product Editor
    The Product Editor has been updated with improvements and new features. Just some of the improvements include:
    • The ability to assign a sale price to a product within the Product Editor. (Previously, it would have been necessary to use the Event Editor to put a product on sale.)
    • Rules can be set up in the Product Editor to subscribe and/or unsubscribe the customer to one or more Email Series when that product is purchased.
    • An autoresponder email can be added to a product within the Product Editor. The autoresponder email will automatically be sent to a customer when they purchase that product. (Previously, it would be necessary to create a Modular Mailer email template, Email Series and Event in order to create an autoresponder email for a product.)
  • New Template File Extension
    The file extension of template files will be changed from".template.php" to ".tpl". This change is being made to help clarify the difference between storefront .php pages and templates, and for security reasons.

    The shopping cart software will remain backwards-compatible with any template package that still contains files with the ".template.php" file extension.

    Template packages may contain template files that contain both the ".template.php" and ".tpl" file extensions. If two versions of a template are present, then the one with the ".tpl" file extension will be used. Otherwise, the ".template.php" file will be used. If neither a template for that page with either file extension is found, then the storefront's default Universal template for that page will be used instead.
    common questions about the new .tpl template file extension
    "My current templates still use the ".template.php" file extension? What changes will I need to make to my template packages in order to keep them compatible with the new format?"

    Nothing. The new .tpl file extension is being introduced in a backwards-compatible fashion. No special action will be needed on your part. Your store may continue to use templates that use the ".template.php" file extension. In fact, template packages will even be able to include a mix of templates with both file extensions.
  • More Convenient Administration Area's Interface
    Improved the user-interface design of the "Submit" button on over 35 pages throughout the Administration Area. The location and style of the Submit buttons will now be more consistent from one page to the next. Additionally, a "Cancel" button has been added next to the Submit button on most Editor pages. The Cancel button takes you out of the Editor, and back to the appropriate Search page.
  • See the Events Applied to Your Shopping Session
    The storefront's checkout and receipt pages can now display a list of all events that were applied to the order. Details about every triggered event, whether an automated event or the result of a coupon, can now be listed for the customer to review.
  • "Have I Purchased This Product Before?"
    A message can now be displayed in the storefront informing the customer if they have previously purchased that product. A similar message can also be displayed if the customer has a subscription to that product.
  • And more...
    Dozens of other small improvements will also be included!
The complete list of all of the items included in this upcoming software update can be viewed at any time within your store's Administration Area at: [Support > Development Schedule]. That page includes a description and the current status all of the improvements that we're working on.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Spring 2013 software update, start a Support Ticket and let us know!

— Last Edited - 04/23/2013 12:11pm PDT
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