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Offer free or reduced shipping with a coupon
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Offer free or reduced shipping with a coupon

This tutorial will show how to use the Event Engine Editor to offer reduced or free shipping with a coupon code.

The Event Engine in MMv4 is very powerful and flexible. A basic understanding of the Event Engine Editor and it's functions would be helpful for this tutorial.

  • A customer places an order and enters a valid coupon code
  • As the order is placed, the coupon code is validated
  • The store automatically deducts the shipping
Any fields or sections of the Event Engine Editor that are not specifically addressed by this tutorial can be filled in at your discretion or can be left on the default setting.

While other settings are available to fine tune your coupon's behavior, it is not necessary to change them from their default settings in order to achieve the results listed below.

Refer to the
Event Engine Editor for further information.
Creating a Coupon Code in the Event Editor

1. To create a new event, select [Admin > Event Engine Module > All Events >  ] from the admin area navigation menu. This will load the Event Editor.

2. For setting number 3 Event Type Choose Coupon Code...

3. In the field to the right of When the customer enters the coupon code: write the code you'd want the customer to input for the shipping coupon.

example of coupon code event type
Event Type Coupon Code... When the customer enters the coupon code:XYZ
Activate and Set Triggers for the Event

4. Verify that setting number 9 Active is set to Yes.

5. Setting 13 should look like the example below

example of coupon code trigger
How to apply the Triggers below This event doesn't use triggers. (It's either ALWAYS applied or a coupon code with no additional requirements.)


Once setting 13 has been applied as a coupon code, setting 14 should automatically hide itself, since it no longer applies to this particular event.
The Results of Applying the Shipping Coupon

6. The event's result(s) should be set up as follows.

result 1 of 1
Result Type shipping modification The shipping method EVERY shipping method is decreased by 100 percent

7. Click the "Save Changes to this Event" button at the bottom of the page.

8. Test the coupon in your storefront area to verify that it is doing the desired behavior

Once the event has been saved, entering the specified coupon code in the storefront will cause the price of the selected shipping methods to be discounted. As a result, customers will now be able to use this coupon to receive free shipping on their order.

— Last Edited - 10/18/2013 8:24am PDT
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