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Product Thumbnail Images
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Product Thumbnail Images

When product images are uploaded in the store's admin area, the shopping cart automatically attempts to create a set of thumbnail versions of each image. By default, the thumbnail sizes are as follows:
  • Medium: 300 pixels wide
  • Small: 150 pixels wide
  • Basket: 50 pixels wide
Since thumbnail images are smaller than the full-size images, they use less bandwidth and take up less screen space, making them ideal for use in storefront templates that may list several products, or that may have a limited area in which to display product details.
Image File Names and Folders

Product images are saved in the store's images directory. Multiple folders may be added within the images directory, to organize product images. 

The store's images directory may contain multiple folders to organize product images, such as images/default/ and images/product_images/:

File or Folder Name   File or Folder Path
[store directory]   /
images   /images/
  default   /images/default/
  product_images   /images/product_images/
    product_photo.jpg   /images/product_images/product_photo.jpg

Within each folder in the images directory, the shopping cart automatically creates a set of folders to contain the set of thumbnail versions of the images saved in the folder. Each folder in the images directory contains the following set of folders for thumbnail images:  thumb_mthumb_sthumb_b

The shopping cart associates thumbnail images to corresponding full-size images based on file name and folder. Each thumbnail image is located within the appropriate thumbnail folder (thumb_mthumb_s, or thumb_b) and has the exact same file name as the associated full-size image. 

If the images directory contains the folder product_images, which contains the full-size product image named product_photo.jpg, then the corresponding thumbnail images are as follows:
/images/product_images/product_photo.jpg (full-size image)
/images/product_images/thumb_m/product_photo.jpg (medium thumbnail)
/images/product_images/thumb_s/product_photo.jpg (small thumbnail)
/images/product_images/thumb_b/product_photo.jpg (basket thumbnail)

File or Folder Name   File or Folder Path
[store directory]   /
images   /images/
  product_images   /images/product_images/
    product_photo.jpg   /images/product_images/product_photo.jpg
    thumb_m   /images/product_images/thumb_m/
    product_photo.jpg   /images/product_images/thumb_m/product_photo.jpg
    thumb_s   /images/product_images/thumb_s/
    product_photo.jpg   /images/product_images/thumb_s/product_photo.jpg
    thumb_b   /images/product_images/thumb_b/
      product_photo.jpg   /images/product_images/thumb_b/product_photo.jpg

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