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Retrieving a copy of your Modular Merchant invoice
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Retrieving a copy of your Modular Merchant invoice

Is there a location that I can retrieve a copy of a previous Modular Merchant invoice from?

As of Version 13.1118, Modular Merchant invoice emails stopped being sent out automatically.

Instead, if you wish to receive a copy of the email associated with your monthly invoice, there is a new option in the Administration Area that will allow you to do so:
  1. In your Administration Area, navigate to [Admin > Manage Modular Merchant Account > Billing History].
  2. Under "account_name Billing History" is where your past order information can be viewed. In the far right column on this table, is the option to "Email a Copy".
  3. Click Email a Copy.

  4. Enter your email address, then click Email a copy of this invoice.

— Last Edited - 12/27/2013 10:29am PST
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