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1-Click Upsell home page

The 1-Click Upsell module is used to market additional products to your customers AFTER their initial order has been confirmed and authorized.  When triggered, the 1-Click Upsell module is used to try to capture additional orders from the customer.  Each additional 1-Click purchase only requires the user to click a single button, since their customer and credit card info is already loaded into the shopping session.

not compatible with off-site payment gateways
The 1-Click Upsell module is not compatible with off-site payment gateways, such as PayPal Website Payments Standard. This is because off-site payment gateways take you away from the shopping cart before the upsell process begins.

retained credit card data
If the store's security settings are not set to retain credit card data, then customers will not be able to purchase any of the products offered via 1-Click Upsell rules. To check this setting, go to [Admin > System Settings > Security] and locate the option Retain All Credit Card Data. If this option is set to YES, then customers will be able to purchase 1-Click Upsell products using their retained credit card data.

The 1-Click Upsell module will allow you to create as many rules as you'd like to try to capture additional orders.  Each successful order does not jeopardize the previous one.

key concept
The 1-Click Upsell module does not put the customer's original order in jeopardy since it has already been approved by the payment processor.

Suppose your online store sells copy machines.  A customer buys a copy machine from your store, but nothing else.  The 1-Click Upsell module could then trigger a page, after his order has been placed and confirmed, such as "Would you like to add 1 combo pack of Black and Color toner cartridges to your order?  If the customer declines, an additional 1-Click Upsell page can then be displayed such as "Would you like to add 1 unit of 1000 pages recycles copy paper to your order?  If the customer keeps declining, the customer will eventually reach the receipt page.  There is no limit to how many Upsells are set up; that's up to you and how willing you are to test your customers' endurance.

Most payment gateways have a Floodcheck setting, which may also have to be deactivated to utilize the 1-Click Upsell module.

The 1-Click Upsell home page is a list of the major sections of the store's 1-Click upsell system. The sections of the module are as follows:

Search 1-Click Upsell rules
Search through the store's current 1-Click Upsell rules.
Add a 1-Click Upsell rule
Use this tool to create a 1-Click rule. The 1-Click Upsell Editor page includes options to name it and create a chain of 1-Click upsell pages that will be waiting for unsuspecting customers.

The Related Products module is used to upsell products to customers BEFORE their order has been confirmed.  It is considered a separate module from the 1-Click Upsell module.

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