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Search 1-Click Upsell Rules

1-Click Upsell Rules will upsell specified products to customers after they make a purchase, if they choose to accept it. The Search 1-Click Upsell Rules page displays all of your created upsell rules, along with several different tools for managing them.
Search 1-Click Upsell Rules Columns

The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the Order to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

The display order is used to designate the order that vendors are displayed in the storefront.  Lower numbers are displayed first.

1-Click Upsell Name
This is the name of the 1-Click Upsell rule. It will only be displayed in the Administration Area.

# of Steps
Displays the number of steps involved with a particular rule.

# of Orders
Displays the number of orders that have been created through the rule.

Sales Value
Estimated sales value attributed to the rule.

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only. Click on the number to view/edit the note or to add a new note.

Displays the active status of the rule. A green "YES" toggle indicates the rule is active, and a grey "NO" indicates an inactive status.

Click on the SID or link, to go to the 1-Click Upsell Editor, where the rule can be edited.

The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown below the table, giving the option to make changes to one or more rules at a time.
Perform an action on the rows selected above...

This section may be used simply to update the Display Order of the above upsell rules, or it may be used to take action on selected rules above.

take no other action
Allows you to safely update the Display Order of the rules without making any other changes.

make active
This will cause any selected rules to be made Active.

make inactive
This will cause any selected rules to be made Inactive.

This will permanently delete any selected rules.

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