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Account Activity

The Account Activity report displays actions that store admins have performed in the store's admin area.  This includes logins, product updates, system settings updates, and much more.  The admin account that performed the activity, as well as the date and time it occurred, is displayed in the Account Activity report.  There are search tools provided which can be used to narrow searches to particular dates, specific admins, certain types of actions and more.  In addition, some of the activities that customers perform in the storefront's My Account area is included in the report.
Search Account Activity
Either search for All Account Activity to display all types of account activity, or select Account Activity that matches the rules below to refine the search.
Search Results Columns

The results table will display the following information about the actions taken.

The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the account activity to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

The Date column will display the date and time that the action occurred.

User Type
The User Type is the name associated with the account that performed the action.  The user type will be either a Customer or an Admin.

User Name
Displays the name of the user that performed the action.

The page is the general description of the type of page that the activity occurred on.

Displays the type of Action the account activity accomplished.

Provides a brief description of what occurred with each account activity.  The system will include an SID number of the customer or product, whenever applicable.

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