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Royalties Report

The Royalties Report lists the sales and revenue associated with your Vendors. You can also specify a certain date range, and only sales statistics within the date range will be considered for the report. The data can be exported by a spreadsheet, itemized by product.

Search Royalties

The Search Royalties bar can be used to either "Search for all Royalties, with 25-500 results per page", or it can be used to "Search for Royalties that match rule below, with 25-500 results per page."

list of the different search rules that can be used:
Order Date (MM-DD-YYYY)
Order Item SID
Product SID (System ID)
Royalty SID
Royalty Value
Vendor Address Line 1
Vendor Address Line 2
Vendor City
Vendor Country (ISO)
Vendor Description
Vendor Display Order
Vendor Email Address
Vendor Name
Vendor Phone Area Code
Vendor Phone Number
Vendor SID (System ID)
Vendor State/Province (ISO)
Vendor Storefront page's template
Vendor Website (URL)
Vendor Zip/Postal Code
Vendor active status (Y/N)
Vendor alternate storefront page URL
Search Results

The Search Results menu contains a few different columns:

Vendor SID
Displays the Vendor's SID number, which is also in the form of a link that can be followed to open the Vendor Editor for that specific Vendor.

Vendor Name
Displays the Vendor's name.

# of Orders
Displays the number of orders place that had products associated with that specific Vendor.

Units Sold
Displays the numbers of units sold associated with the specific Vendor.

Sales Value
Displays the total purchase price of products bought, that are associated with the specific Vendor.

Royalty Value
Displays the Royalty Value earned by that specific vendor. Vendor Royalties can be set on a product by product basis within the Product Editor, under "Vendor Options".

Exporting to an Excel Spreadsheet

In the section below the Search Results, titled, "Perform an action on the rows selected above...", there is currently one option within the dropdown menu. That option is, "export a spreadsheet itemized by product" At the very right end of the "Search Results" menu, is a column with checkboxes, associated with each row. Selecting any/all of these checkboxes, and then clicking the "Go" button at the bottom of the page, will export a spreadsheet with the Vendor Name, Product Name, Units Sold, Gross Sales, COGS, and Royalty Value inserted within.

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