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Development Schedule

The development schedule displays a list of features and issues that are currently being worked on or are under consideration for future development.  This list is intended to let our clients know what's coming up, what's being worked on, and where Modular Merchant is going. 


The items on this page are listed in order of priority from top to bottom.  A link is also provided to previous release notes, so that you can see what items have already been completed and released.


Development Schedule Columns


The table row number.

The types of Development Schedule entries are: attention item, bug, feature request, question, and project.  These are described in greater detail below.

This is the name of the Development Schedule entry. If a further description exists, a plus box will appear to the right of the name.

The date displayed in this column corresponds to the last time the item was updated.

The status of the entry indicates the current state of the Development Schedule item.  The various statuses are explained in additional detail below.

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the item to the system.


Development Schedule Types


Attention Item
An attention item is a software or interface change that will require additional action after the software update is installed.

A bug is an issue that is causing the software from behaving in the intended manner.

Feature Request
A feature is a request for new functionality to be added to the software.

A question icon indicates an item that needs further clarification. 

A project is a larger task that normally takes several weeks or months to complete.


Status Definitions


Under Consideration
An item that is under consideration has been added to the development schedule, but has not yet been approved for development.

Queued for Development
An item that is queued for development is on the development "to-do" list.

In Development
An item that is in development is currently being worked on.

Submitted to QA for Review
An item that has been submitted to QA for review is in the QA work queue.  It will be reviewed and tested, then either approved for release, or declined and sent back to development.

In Testing
An item that is in testing is currently being QA tested.

Failed QA Review
If an item failed QA review, it will be sent back for further development work.

Passed QA Review
If an item passed QA review, it will be sent on to the next phase.

Scheduled for Release
An item that is scheduled for released has been passed by QA and will be included in the next Modular Merchant software update.

The work on a canceled item has been stopped, and the item will soon be removed from the Development Schedule.

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