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Spheres of Support

We offer to the following Spheres of Support.

— The purpose of the Spheres of Support is to establish the expectations for what is included within the boundaries of technical support.

Free Support Services

Technical support by support tickets and email
Support provided through these mediums is free. This includes tech support, bug reports, feature requests, etc.
Have a problem, question or suggestion for improving Modular Merchant? Let us know!

Troubleshooting Modular Merchant Software
Having trouble? We're happy to investigate.
Fixing code or correcting account data caused by a confirmed bug is covered. Our philosophy: "If we broke it, we'll fix it."

Charged Support Services*

Advice on the "best way" to set up a store, how to build a website, launch a product line, etc., is considered consultation.
We cannot provide advice on what you should sell or how you should promote it, as this is outside the scope of the shopping cart software.

Reviewing Existing Documentation
We're happy to point you towards the documentation and elaborate on it. Clarifying unclear documentation is also no problem.
However, extensive questions may need to be addressed through a support ticket to avoid exceeding the monthly free phone tech support limit.

Custom Projects**
A request that requires developing custom code, web pages, graphics or other content specifically for it is considered to be a custom project.
If it's something that we're not planning on building right now, or it's being built just for you, then it is considered a custom project.

Correcting Errors Introduced by Third-Parties
Problems originating from user error will incur expenses to correct, if that user was not a Modular Merchant employee.
We can try to fix what we break for free, and we can try to fix what someone else breaks; but we must charge for our time in that case.

Installing Third-Party Server Software**
We'll install and maintain the software that we have developed for free.
Installing content (files, databases, etc.) on a website or server will incur expenses, if that content was not developed by Modular Merchant.

Supporting Third-Party Software
Troubleshooting third-party (non Modular Merchant) software and services will incur expenses.
Examples: troubleshooting issues with PayPal, QuickBooks, (and other payment gateways), Google Analytics, HTML templates, etc.

* These items are charged at Modular Merchant's Service rates, outlined in the Terms of Service Agreement.

** May incur additional fees for 3rd-party services or licenses.

— Last Edited - 12/26/2013 3:52pm PST
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