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Freakishly Faster and Fingernails
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Freakishly Faster and Fingernails

May 15th, 2013
Shopping cart software with a need, a need for speed.
Increasing store speed by 97.5%
This week we released the second half of a major speed increase. Websites with many products or lots of sale events will see an immediate, substantial speed boost in their stores.

For example, in a store with over 50,000 products on sale (and as many other resource-intensive features as possible enabled), the average page load time was reduced by 97.5%! How did we do it? This article details how.

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Client Spotlight: Pistol Polish
Congratulations to Pistol Polish on launching their subscription-based nail polish brand with Modular Merchant.

They use the shopping cart software as their entire website. This means that each page of their website is designed using the cart's templating system.

We think that they did a really good job; check it out!

Visit their website...
Two weeks left to lock in a lifetime 1.99% rate!
There's just two weeks left to secure the special lifetime credit card processing rate of 1.99% + 25¢ per transaction!

The online application makes it easy to get started. We'd love the opportunity to help lower your rate. That's why this offer is open to all online merchants. Start saving today!
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