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Product Page SEO, Toilet Paper & Credit Cards

May 1st, 2013
Shopping cart software and all the fiddly bits that go with it.
SEO: Optimize Shopping Cart Product Pages

Product pages are the heart of nearly all online stores. Unfortunately, most shopping cart designs make it difficult for search engines to find and index your product pages.

This article contains a checklist for optimizing your store's product pages, so they're ready when the search engine spiders come a'crawling.

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Client Spotlight: Toilet Paper Valet

Congratulations to Toilet Paper Valet on launching their online store with Modular Merchant.

Whether their customers are investing in The Six Pack, The Sublime Nine or The Perfect Dozen, they've got them covered... literally.

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1.99% Credit Card Rates — Just Four Weeks Left
Everyone likes saving money, and your online store can be saving money with each transaction. For a limited time, we can help you process credit cards at the exceptionally low discount rate of 1.99% + 25¢ per transaction.

We'd love the opportunity to help lower your rate. That's why this offer is open to all online merchants. Start saving today!

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Product Page SEO, Toilet Paper & Credit Cards