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Sound Bytes and Sound Bites
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Sound Bytes and Sound Bites

June 11th, 2013
Shopping cart software; whether you're selling bytes or bites.
Add Audio Samples to Products
Products can now have audio "samples" added to them. These samples are usually short excerpts from a song, audiobook or podcast that's associated with a digital product.

But, while they're especially useful for digital products, but samples can actually be attached to any product — digital or not. This article explains how.

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Client Spotlight: Raw Box Organics
Congratulations to Raw Box Organics on launching their subscription-based organic produce delivery service with Modular Merchant.

Many clients ask us about the compatibility of putting their store content in iframes. It appears that Raw Box Organics has done this very thing in their store design; check it out!

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New Tool for Managing "301 Redirects" Launched
A 301 redirect tells search engines that a webpage has moved to new location. They're used to forward outdated links to their current web address. They're useful if you have changed the structure of your websites URLs (such as when migrating from another shopping cart).

This new tool creates redirects that behave exactly the same as rules that would be used in .htaccess files; it even use the same syntax.

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