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Tax Rule Editor

Tax rules calculate and collect sales taxes based on the customer's location or shipping address. The Tax Rule Editor is used to create and edit Tax Rules.
To add a new tax rule:
  1. Go to [Products > Search Tax Rules > + ].
  2. Give the tax rule a name. Required.
  3. Select whether the tax rule is Active or Inactive.
  4. Enter a value for the tax group.  This amount can be a percentage of the order or a specific fixed amount added to the order during the checkout process.
  5. Select whether the tax rule will be applied to the Billing address or Shipping Address.
  6. Select whether the tax will include shipping fees into the tax calculation.
  7. Select the tax rule locations that will trigger the tax rule.  The options include Zip Code, State, and Country.
  8. Click Save Changes when finished.
To edit an existing tax rule:
  1. Go to [Products > Search Tax Rules].
  2. Click either the SID number or the icon associated with the tax rule.
  3. Make the intended changes to the tax rule.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished.
Tax Rule Editor Options

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the tax rule to the system.  This number is assigned by the software and cannot be changed.

Tax Rule Name
The tax rule name is the name displayed in the checkout area of the store when the Tax Rule is applied.  It is also included in customers' receipt emails.  Required.

An active tax rule will be applied to any qualifying orders.  An inactive tax rule is never applied to an order.

The tax  value can be either a percentage of the order or a fixed amount.

Calculate Tax Based on
Taxes can be based on either the customer's billing address or shipping address.

Include Shipping Fees into Tax Calculation
If selected, shipping charges will be included in tax calculations during the checkout process.

Tax Triggers
Sets whether the tax rule will be triggered when all zones are met or if any of the zones are met during the checkout process.

Tax/Charge Zones
Select the location(s) used to trigger the Tax Rule.

Zip Code
To use a zip code trigger, input one or more zip codes, separated by commas.

States or provinces can be used to trigger the tax rule.  To select multiple states, hold down the Ctrl key.

Countries can be used to trigger the tax rule.  To select multiple countries, hold down the Ctrl key.

Internal notes can be added to the Tax Rule.  Notes are not viewable by customers.

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