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Search Inventory Objects

Inventory Objects are used to keep track of the inventory of tangible items in the store.  The Search Inventory Objects page provides options to review, manage, and make bulk changes to them.
Search Inventory Objects Columns

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the inventory objects to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

Displays the name of the inventory object.

Infinite Stock
If Yes, inventory for the object will not be tracked.  If No, inventory will be tracked.

Units Available
Displays the current inventory for the object.

Adjust Units Available
This field can be used to add additional units to the inventory.  Input the amount of additional units you'd like to add to the existing inventory, then select Update fields above and take no further action, and click the Go button.

Inputting a quantity into the field may toggle the row on or off.  Make sure that the row is selected prior to updating.  If selected, the row will be checked on the far right underneath the column.

# of Products
Displays the number of products associated with the inventory object.  Click the number to view the actual products.

Low Stock Alert
This will display the level in which a Lot Stock Alert email will be generated if the inventory levels reaches that number.  Edit the inventory object to adjust the alert level.

Low Stock Hide
This will display the level in which the product will be automatically hidden from the storefront pages if the inventory levels reach the number. Edit the inventory object to adjust the low stock hide level.

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only.  Click on the number to view/edit the note or to add a new note.

This tool makes a complete copy of the parent inventory object; useful for creating new inventory objects based off of existing ones.

Click on the SID number or    icon to go to the Inventory Object Editor.

 (Check icon):  The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown box below the table, providing the ability to make changes to one or more inventory objects simultaneously.

Bulk Editing

Multiple inventory objects can be cloned simultaneously.  To clone multiple inventory objects,  select the desired inventory objects on the far right, select clone in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.

If an inventory is no longer needed, it can be deleted.  To delete an inventory attribute, select it on the far right, select delete in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.

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