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Search Product Fields

The Search Product Fields page displays the product fields that are currently present in the store.

By default, the product fields are displayed in order of DO (Display Order).  A different method of sorting can be selected by clicking the up and down arrows in the heading of each column.

Search Product Fields Columns

SID (System ID)
The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the field to the system.  This number cannot be changed.

Display Order
The Display Order determines the order in which the product fields are arranged in the product editor or storefront.  The lower the number, the higher the priority.

The title of the product field appears to the left of the field in the product editor.

The type of product field is the method of data input (such as a text field,  dropdown menu, or radio buttons).

If a product field is set to be unique, the product field data that is saved for each product cannot be identical to the data saved in the field for any other product.

If a product field is set to be required, a product cannot be created if the field does not contain data. 

If a product field is set to be strict, only letters, numbers, and underscores can be typed into the field.  Otherwise, any characters may be entered.

If a product field is set to encrypt, the data for the product field will be encrypted when it is saved to the database.

If selected, the product field will not be displayed to customers in the storefront; it will be used in the administration area only.

If selected, the product field will be included with product related store generated emails.

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only.  Click on the number to view/edit the note or to add a new note.

An active field appears in the product editor, while an inactive field does not appear.  A green dot in this column indicates that the field is active, while a red X indicates that the product field is inactive.

This tool makes a complete copy of the parent product field.  This can be useful for creating new product fields based off of an existing product field.

Edit this Product Field
Clicking on the SID number or    icon for a product field will forward you to the Product Field Editor, where the product field can be edited.

  (Check Icon) The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown field below the table, providing the options of activating, deactivating, and deleting one or more fields.

Bulk Editing

Make Active
Multiple product fields can be activated by selecting the checkboxes on the right, selecting Make Active from the dropdown menu, and clicking Go.

Make Inactive
Multiple product fields can be deactivated by selecting the checkboxes on the first right, selecting Make Inactive from the dropdown menu, and clicking Go.

Multiple product fields can be cloned simultaneously.  To clone multiple product fields,  select the desired product fields on the far right, select clone in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.

If a product field is no longer needed, it can be deleted.  To delete a product field, select the desired product field(s) on the far right, select delete in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.

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