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Shipping Pick List

The Shipping Pick List is a list of all of the Inventory Objects that have been ordered, and are in shipments that have not yet been marked as "shipped". Once a shipment has been marked as "shipped", its corresponding Inventory Objects will be removed from the list.

Inventory Objects are explained in greater detail in the Inventory Object Editor.

Pick List Results

Quantity to Ship
Displays the total quantity of the inventory object that needs to be shipped.

Inventory Object Name
Displays the name of the inventory object.

Stock Before
Displays the current stock level of the inventory object.

Stock After
Displays what the inventory object's stock will be after the items have been shipped.

Weight (Combined)
Displays the combined weight of the inventory objects that need to be shipped.

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— Last Edited - 05/16/2012 4:03pm PDT
Comments: This article has 2 user comments.
  HH100Store said... May 15, 2012 -- 4:16pm PDT
Can I add a location for each product? Like .. Rack 2 bin 4?
  cmarier said... May 16, 2012 -- 4:03pm PDT
This is a great idea. I've submitted this to the Development Schedule for consideration to be added in an upcoming software update. This would require adding a new field to the database, and any changes that require changes to the database structure usually require a little extra testing before being approved for release. The progress of this item can be tracked within your store's Administration Area at: [Support > Development Schedule].
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