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Search Admin Accounts

The Search Admin Accounts page displays the admin accounts currently present in the store.  


By default, the admin accounts are displayed in order of DO (Display Order).  A different method of sorting can be selected by clicking the up and down arrows in the heading of each column. The columns displayed in this search page can be customized by clicking Customizing Table Columns and selecting which columns will be displayed and which will not.


Search Admin Account Columns

The SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the account to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

The avatar is the image that is associated with the admin account's forum handle or the Modular Merchant knowledge base.

The login is the username of the account. 

First and Last Name
The first and last name of the admin account appear will be used with the Account Activity Report page.

The email address associated with this admin account.  Modular Merchant tech support will respond to this email for any support tickets submitted by the admin account.

Forum Handle
This is used to identify this admin account in he Modular Merchant Forums and knowledge base.

Most Recent Login
The Most Recent Login column will display the date and time of the last time the admin account was logged into.

Custom Attributes
Any Custom Admin Attributes will be displayed here.  Each attribute will have its own column.

Certain reports for the administrator will display using the selected color.

Password Status
If the current password assigned to the admin is considered "insecure", it will be displayed in this column.  Secure passwords should have at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number present.

Notes are hidden and displayed to store administrators only.  Click on the number to view/edit the note or to add a new note.

An active account is an account that can log into the store's administration area.  An inactive account cannot be logged in.  An error message will be displayed to a user to tries to log in with an inactive account.

Place a check in this column to indicate that the action chosen in the dropdown below the table should be applied to the selected row.


Bulk Editing

Make Active
It is possible to assign an active status to one or more admin accounts by clicking the checkboxes for the corresponding admin accounts, selecting Make Active from the dropdown menu, and clicking Go.


Make Inactive
It is possible to assign an inactive status to one or more admin accounts by clicking the checkboxes for the corresponding admin accounts, selecting Make Inactive from the dropdown menu, and clicking Go.

It is possible to delete one or more admin accounts by clicking the checkboxes for the corresponding admin accounts, selecting Delete from the dropdown menu, and clicking Go.

In some cases, it may be better to simply deactivate an admin account than to delete it.  Deleted accounts will no longer appear in the admin activity report.

— Last Edited - 12/27/2012 1:17pm PST
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