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Add a database user in Plesk
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Add a database user in Plesk

Is it possible to create our own database user account in order to directly connect to our store's database and/or other databases that we create?

Yes, the option to create a database user account can be found within your hosting account's Plesk control panel. Following are instructions on where to locate this option within Plesk.

you are now leaving the support zone
Making edits directly to your store's database is outside the scope of our technical support. So, be careful, because if you perform an action with a database user account that you create that breaks your store, we may not be able to help fix it!

altering database structure
The database that operates your Modular Merchant store is usually prefixed by either "mm2_" or "mm4_". (For example, if your account name is "mystore", then the database would be named "mm4_mystore".)

It is not recommended that tables in the store's database be added to, removed from or altered. Doing so could cause irreversible damage to the store.

If you must add tables to your store's database, it's highly recommended that you prefix the table names with an underscore. (For example: _mytable) This is because the shopping cart software adds tables to the store's database from time to time, and if a table with the same name already exists, there'll be trouble. However, since no tables created by the cart will start with an underscore, using one as a prefix to any tables you add to the store's database should prevent there being any "namespace" conflicts in future updates.

database access is not for the squeamish
Be extremely careful when editing your store's database. Changes made to the store data are permanent. If data is altered or deleted, it is gone forever!

Creating a Database User Account
Once the store's hosting account has been installed, it is possible to log in to the Plesk hosting control panel to create a new database user.

In the store's admin area, go to [Hosting > Connection Information]. In the Your Plesk Control Panel Information section, make note of the Plesk Login and Plesk Password. Click the Plesk Address link to open the Plesk Login Page. Enter the Plesk Login and Plesk Password from the Connection Information page, then click Log In.

Click the Websites & Domains tab.

Click Databases.

On the Databases page, click the database Name in the list.

Click the Add New Database User option, which has a person's head and shoulders icon.

For the Database user name enter the name for the new database user.

For the New password enter a password for the new database user.

Enter the same password for the Confirm password.

Click OK.

— Last Edited - 11/26/2014 8:38am PST
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