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Causes of SSL security warnings on secure webpages
Add an SSL Security Verification seal to your website Connecting to a website using SFTP
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Causes of SSL security warnings on secure webpages

I have an SSL certificate installed to my store website, but my checkout still displays insecure content browser warnings.  How do I correct this?

This is a very common scenario.  An SSL certificate is installed correctly, but web browsers indicate that the site is not secure.

When using Google Chrome, a customer might see something like:

Firefox users might encounter something like:

The issue here is that there is some content in the web page that is not secure, which must be corrected.  On an https page, ALL content must be secure or web browsers will display those warning messages.
Common sources of the insecure content

Scenario 1:  An image is linked on the page using http://

Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple.

To correct the issue, upload a copy of the image onto your website.  Link the image using a local reference, such as:
<img src="images/myimage.jpg" />

Scenario 2:  A script used on the page is located on a 3rd party server, and linked using http://

There are two potential ways this issue could be corrected
  1. Contact the provider of the 3rd party script and request an https:// version, then update the page to use that URL.
  2. Upload a copy of the script onto your website.  Link to the script using a local reference.

Scenario 3: A background image, located on a CSS sheet, is linked using http://

ALL content on an https page must be secure, meaning either linked locally, or globally using https://.  This includes CSS sheets that the page references.  To fix this issue, upload the image to your website and edit the CSS sheet to link it securely.

Once all the page content has been linked correctly, your customers will be confident in the page's security:

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