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An affiliate is a customer that has special privileges to earn commissions on the orders placed by other customers that they bring to your store. The Affiliate Marketing module adds the ability to track affiliate-generated website traffic and sales, keep in touch with your affiliates, make and track payments to your affiliates, and more.

The Affiliate Marketing Module home page is a list of the major sections of the store's affiliation system. The sections of the module are as follows:


The items in the Miscellaneous section control the module's behavior and appearance in the storefront.

Affiliate Module Settings
These settings control the behavior of the Affiliate Marketing system. Configure these settings to make the system perform to your desired specifications.

Affiliate Login Page
This is a link to the page in your storefront that your affiliates will access to log in to their account area. The affiliate's account area is a control panel where they can edit their contact information, view their sales, traffic and commission history, and manage their Tracking ID numbers. The design of the Affiliate Login page is controlled by the affiliate_account_login.tpl HTML template.

Affiliate Registration Page
This is a link to the page in your storefront that contains the form that users will submit in order to become a new affiliate for your store. The design of the Affiliate Registration page is controlled by the affiliate_registration.tpl HTML template.


This section includes tools for working with your affiliates.

Add an Affiliate
Add an affiliate to your store. (This will add a new customer that is also set to be an affiliate.)

Search Affiliates
Search your affiliates. (This will search the customers that are also set to be affiliates.)

Affiliates Requiring Admin Approval
If your Affiliate Module is configured to require new affiliates to obtain your approval before they can start earning commissions and there are any affiliates requiring your approval, then this item will be displayed. The number of affiliates requiring your approval will be listed with a link to a page where you can review and approve the affiliates.


This section includes items related to payments you have made to your affiliates.

Record an Affiliate Payment
Lists any affiliate payments that are now due. You can record a payment to a specific affiliate, or pay all your affiliates at once.

Search Affiliate Payments
Search the payments you have made to your affiliates. Payments can also be edited if necessary.


Commissions are earned by affiliates when customers that they lead to your store make a purchase.

Record an Affiliate Commission
Manually record a new commission for an affiliate. Use this tool to give an affiliate a credit or make an adjustment.

Search Affiliate Commissions
Search the commissions your affiliates have earned. Commissions can also be edited if necessary.

Tracking IDs (TID)

TIDs are tracking ID numbers unique to each affiliate that are used to track the traffic and sales that they generate for your store. Each affiliate may create multiple TIDs to track traffic and sales from different sources.

Default Tracking IDs
Use this tool to create a set of TIDs that will be provided to all new affiliates when they register.

Add a Tracking ID
Assign a new TID  to an affiliate.

Search Tracking IDs
Search your affiliate's TIDs. TIDs can also be edited if necessary.

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