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Search Affiliate Commissions

The Search Affiliate Commissions page displays all commissions that your affiliates has earned. This page also allows you to make bulk changes to affiliate commissions.

By default, the affiliate commissions are displayed in order of SID (System ID) in descending order (most recent commissions listed first).  You can select a different method of sorting by clicking the up and down arrows in the heading of each column. 

Columns in the Search Results

The SID (System ID) number of the commission. Each commission has a unique SID number, which identifies it to the system.  This SID number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

Date of Commission
The date that the commission was credited to the affiliate.

First Name / Last Name
The first and last names of the affiliate to whom the commission is credited. Since affiliates are also customers, this is also the customer's billing first and last name.

The affiliate's email address. Each affiliate/customer record must have a unique email address.

The value of the commission.

There are several types of commissions, including "Sales Commission" and "Manual Commission." The type describes how the commission was earned, either via an order placed in the storefront by a customer, by an admin manually recording the commission, etc.

Order ID
The order ID that the commission is associated with (if any). Click the Order ID to open it in the Order Editor.

The TID (Tracking ID) associated with this commission. Every commission must be associated with a TID. Click the TID number to open it in the TID Editor.

Affiliate SID
The SID (System ID) of the affiliate to which the commission is credited. Click the Affiliate SID number to open the affiliate in the Customer Editor.

Click either the SID number or the    icon to open the Commission Editor.

 (Check icon)
The checkboxes in this column are used with the bulk editing menu at the bottom of the page, allowing changes to one or more items at once.

Bulk Editing
The following bulk-editing options are available in the action menu at the bottom of the page.

Delete Commission
If you no longer need a affiliate commission, you may choose to delete the affiliate commission.  To do this, place a check mark in the last column of the affiliate commission's row, select delete in the dropdown below the table, and click Go.  You may delete multiple affiliate commissions at once by selecting multiple check boxes before clicking Go.

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