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The Search Affiliates page displays all affiliates that you have created, allowing you to view the important options of all the affiliates at a glance.  This page also gives you the ability to make bulk changes to the affiliates. 


By default, the affiliates are sorted by their SID (System ID) number in descending order (newest affiliates first).  You can select a different method of sorting by clicking the up and down arrows in each column. 


Information available in the Search Results

The following information is available for display in the Search Results section of the page. You can add or remove these items from the Search Results by clicking the Customize Table Columns link and selecting the desired items.


SID (System ID)
The SID is a unique number that identifies the affiliate to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.

First Name
The first name of this affiliate. This is also the billing first name of their customer account.

Last Name
The last name of this affiliate. This is also the billing last name of their customer account.

Address Line 1
The first line of the affiliate's street address. This is also the first line of the billing address of their customer account.

Address Line 2
The second line of the affiliate's street address (if any). This is also the second line of the billing address of their customer account.

The combination of Address Line 1 and Address Line 2.

The affiliate's city. This is also the billing city of their customer account.

The affiliate's state/province (if any). This is also the billing state/province of their customer account.

The affiliate's zip/postal code. This is also the billing zip/postal of their customer account.

The affiliate's country. This is also the billing country of their customer account.

The affiliate's email address. Each affiliate account must have a unique email address.

Area Code
The area code of the affiliate's phone number.

The affiliate's phone number (without area code).

Area Code + Phone Number
The affiliate's combined phone number (area code + phone number).

# of Orders
The number of orders this affiliate has placed in the store as a customer. Click the number to view all of the orders they have placed.

# of Autoresponders
The number of autoresponder series this affiliate is subscribed to. Click the number to view all of the emails queued to be sent to this affiliate.

# of Customer Groups
The number of Customer Groups this affiliate's customer account is associated with. Click the number to view all of the Customer Groups they're in.

# of Shipping Addresses
The number of shipping addresses associated with the affiliate's customer account.

# of Product Reviews
The number of product reviews the affiliate has written. Click the link to view the reviews.

Total Spent
Total amount this affiliate has spent in your store.

Subscription Date
The date of any upcoming subscription that is associated with this affiliate's customer account, if any.

Last Order Placed
The date of the most recent order the affiliate has placed in your store.

Date Created
The date the affiliate account was created.

Edit Date
The date the affiliate account was most recently edited.

Last Login
The date the affiliate most recently logged in to their Affiliate Account area.

Has Net Terms
Displays whether the affiliate has a Customer Credit Account.

Term (Days)
The term (in days) for this affiliate's Credit Account.

Credit Total
The total amount of Customer Credit this affiliate has to use.

Credit Spent
The amount of credit that has been spent during the term.

Credit Remaining
The amount of customer credit remaining for this affiliate.

Tax Exempt
Displays whether this affiliate is tax exempt.

Email Opt-in
Displays whether the affiliate will receive emails generated by the Modular Mailer system.

Is An Affiliate?
Displays whether the affiliate options have been enabled to the customer's account.

Affiliate Company Name
The affiliate's company name.

Affiliate Website
Click the icon to view the affiliate's website. The icon is only displayed if the affiliate has provided this information.

Affiliate Fax Number
The affiliate's fax number.

Affiliate Payable to
Displays whether the affiliate commissions are payable to an Individual or a Company.

Affiliate Tax Class
Displays the tax class the affiliate belongs to. Either an Individual, Corporation or Non-Profit Organization.

Affiliate Tax ID
The affiliate's Federal Tax ID or social security number. This number is encrypted when stored in your store records.

# of TIDs
The number of TID (Tracking ID) numbers associated with the affiliate's account.

# of Hits
The combined total number of hits all of the affiliate's Tracking ID numbers have received.

# of Orders
The total number of orders associated with all of the affiliate's Tracking ID numbers. These is not the number of orders the affiliate has placed in your store. Instead, this is the number of orders placed by other customers, resulting from the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Amount Earned
The total amount of all commissions earned over the lifetime of the affiliate's account.

Amount Paid
The total amount of all payments made to the affiliate over the lifetime of their account.

Current Balance
The amount currently due to the affiliate. (The difference of Amount Earned minus Amount Paid.)

Customer Attributes and Fields
All of the customer attributes and fields, if any have been created via the Customer Attribute or Field Editors.

Contact Info
Click the icon to display a compiled version of the affiliate's contact information in a popup window.

Affiliate Login
Click the icon to log into the affiliate's account area in the storefront as the affiliate.

Place Order
Click the icon to place an order for this affiliate. This will take you to the "Place an Order" tool in the administration area.

Notes about this affiliate. Multiple notes can be entered for a single affiliate, which are stored historically by both date and administrator who wrote the entry. Notes are never seen by affiliates or customers. They are available only to admins within the store's administration area.

This will display the active status of this affiliate. An inactive affiliate can neither log in to their Affiliate Account area nor earn commissions.

Click on the SID number or    icon to edit this affiliate's account. Since affiliates are also customers, this will open the Customer Editor.

 (Checkmark icon)
The checkboxes in this column work with the dropdown box below the Search Results, giving you the option of making changes to one or more affiliates at once.


Bulk Edit Options
It is possible to make changes to one or more affiliates by first selecting the checkboxes for the affiliates you would like to change, and then selecting the desired action from the menu titled Perform an action on the rows selected above. Some of the actions that can be taken include:.


Make Active
Active affiliates may log in to their Affiliate Account area and earn commissions.

Make Inactive

An inactive affiliate can neither log in to their Affiliate Account area nor earn commissions.

Since affiliates are also customers, setting their account to "inactive" will also prevent the customer from being able to place orders in the storefront.

Remove Affiliate Status
If you do not want this user to be an affiliate anymore, but still want to allow them to purchase from your store, remove the affiliate status on their account. This will remove the user's access to their Affiliate Account area, and will prevent them from earning any more commissions. 

Delete Affiliate Account

Deleting an affiliate account will also remove the affiliate's customer account, all their TIDs, commission history and payment history. Don't be hasty about deleting affiliates because this action cannot be undone!

— Last Edited - 12/27/2012 1:28pm PST
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