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Tracking ID Editor
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Tracking ID Editor

The Affiliate Tracking ID Editor page is used to create new Tracking IDs for affiliates and or to edit existing Tracking IDs. 


To create a new affiliate Tracking ID


  1. On the Affiliate Marketing module's Home page, click the Add a Tracking ID link.
  2. Enter the SID of the affiliate or click the Search button and find the affiliate in which this tracking ID will be associated with. Required.
  3. Choose whether the tracking ID is active or not (default is Active).
  4. Give the tracking ID a description. Required.
  5. Enter the URL of a landing page for this tracking ID. Required.
  6. Click Save Changes when finished.


To edit an existing Tracking ID


  1. On the Affiliate Marketing module's Home page, click the Search Tracking IDs link.
  2. Click either the SID number or the  icon associated with the tracking ID.
  3. Make the intended changes to the tracking ID.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished.


Affiliate Tracking ID options

TID SID (Not displayed when creating a new TID.)
The TID (Tracking ID) SID (System ID) is a unique number that identifies the tracking ID to the system.  This number is set by the software and cannot be changed.


Tracking HTML (Not displayed when creating a new TID.)
This will display the tracking HTML link in which the affiliate will put on their website for the customers to click. This HTML link is automatically created for the affiliate when the tracking ID is created.

Affiliate SID
This will display the affiliate's SID (System ID). This can be modified by entering a different affiliate SID in the field.

This will display whether the tracking ID is active or not, if the tracking ID is inactive; the tracking HTML will not track orders placed and no commissions will be awarded for this tracking ID.

Tracking ID Description
This is the description for this affiliate tracking ID. It is displayed in various locations throughout the administration area and storefront. 

Landing Page
This is the URL in which the customer will be sent when they click on the affiliate's tracking ID via the tracking HTML. This can be any storefront page or external URL.

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