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Grace Period
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Grace Period

A grace period can be setup for products using an "X of Y week/month/year" subscription term. If an order is placed for that product in the storefront, and the purchase falls within the grace days from the next bill date, it will be pushed forward 1 week/month/year. (Until it doesn't fall within the grace period any longer.)

A product uses a 15th day of every 3 months subscription schedule, and a grace period of 90 days.

If the order is placed today, 04/07/2014:

15th of first month: 04/15/2014
15th of second month: 05/15/2014
15th of third month: 06/15/2014

The next bill date, without checking for a grace period, would be: 06/15/2014.

But then the grace period is checked for:

Does the purchase date fall within 90 days of the next bill date?
(166th day (06/15/2014) - 97th day (04/07/2014) = 69 days)

Yes. Push forward an additional month.
(Next bill date: 07/15/2014)

Does the purchase date still fall within 90 days of the next bill date?
(196th day (07/15/2014) - 97th day (04/07/2014) = 99 days)

No. Do not push the bill date any further.

Next bill date due to grace period: 07/15/2014

— Last Edited - 05/8/2014 7:48am PDT
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