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vendor DB Table

this article last updated: June 18, 2010
Due to inevitable changes that will be made to the shopping cart software over time, the cart's variable and database structure may change from time to time without advanced notice. We will attempt to keep the information in this article up-to-date, but Modular Merchant makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided in this article. Use this information at your own risk.

This article outlines the database structure for the MMv4 vendor database table.

  • id
    Primary Key of the table.
    int(10) | unsigned | auto increment | primary key | indexed
  • name
    The name of the vendor.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • address_1
    The first line of the vendor's address.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • address_2
    The second line of the vendor's address.

    varchar(255) | indexed
  • city
    The city of the vendor's address.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • state
    The two-character ISO code for the state of the vendor's address, followed by the two-character ISO code for that state's country.
    varchar(255) | indexed | Format: State-ISO_Country-ISO (Example: OR_US)
  • zip
    The zip code of the
    vendor's address.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • country
    The two-character ISO code for the country of the
    vendor's address.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • phone_ac
    The area code of
    vendor's primary phone number.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • phone
    vendor's primary phone number.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • email
    The primary email address associated with the vendor.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • website_url
    Contains the URL of a web page of a vendor's non-store website.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • seo_url_text
    Any URL entered in this field will be used in the URL of the vendor's storefront page. If empty, the system will attempt to use the vendor's name instead.
    | indexed
  • store_page
    Contains the URL of a web page to be used instead of the default vendor page created by the shopping cart. If left blank, the default vendor page in the storefront will be used.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • template
    The template to be applied to the default vendor page in the storefront created by the shopping cart software.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • active
    If this field contains a value greater than zero, then the vendor is inactive. Only active vendors are displayed in the storefront.
    int(10) | unsigned | Values: 0/timestamp | Default: 1 | indexed
  • display_order
    The order in which the vendor is displayed within lists in relation to other vendors.
    int(10) | unsigned | indexed
  • href_target
    Specifies whether the links to the vendor store page should open in the same browser window or a new one.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • image
    The image associated with the vendor.
    varchar(255) | indexed
  • description
    A text/HTML description of the vendor. QuickCode Tags may be used to display the vendor's description in the storefront.
  • notes
    Internal-only notes about the vendor. These notes are viewable only in the store's administration area, and are never displayed to customers.


— Last Edited - 06/18/2010 10:08am PDT
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