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FedEx Integration

The FedEx Integration options allow your storefront to connect to FedEx's servers and retrieve a list of available FedEx shipping methods, and their prices, in real-time. FedEx tracking ID numbers and shipments can also be created, viewed and cancelled using this module.
FedEx Account Information

In order for the storefront to establish a connection to FedEx, some account details first need to be entered into the module's control panel at [Modules > 3rd-Party Service Integration > FedEx Integration]. Following is a list of the required details:

FedEx Account Number
Enter the account number associated with your FedEx account. The cart will not be able to obtain shipping rates, tracking ID numbers or shipping labels without it.

FedEx Meter Number
Enter the meter number associated with your FedEx account. The cart will not be able to obtain shipping rates, tracking ID numbers or shipping labels without it.

do i really need a fedex meter number?
Yes, a meter number is required.
Unfortunately, the FedEx meter number is a source of confusion for many clients because different FedEx departments often provide conflicting information about its availability and necessity.

In our experience, the first-tier of FedEx's technical support often isn't familiar with what a meter number is. As a result, calls made to FedEx's support number may result in misinformation, such as incorrectly being informed that "FedEx no longer supports meter numbers".

FedEx actually does still support and require meter numbers. Fortunately, if FedEx's general tech support isn't able to assist in obtaining a meter number, one can still be generated automatically on their website.

To generate a meter number for your account on FedEx's website, follow these steps:

1. If necessary, sign up with FedEx at:

2. FedEx will then send you an email acknowledging your registration. Follow the link and login to their developer site, and obtain a test password and key at:

3. Next, obtain a production key at:

Update: A more recent version of the FedEx developer resources may be available at:

common question about meter numbers
"Are you absolutely sure that I need a meter number in order to integrate my store with FedEx? If so, what makes you so sure?"

Yes, a meter number is required.
We are certain of this because the developer documentation and code samples provided by FedEx include a field to contain the meter number in the data submitted to FedEx's servers. If this field is left blank or excluded, FedEx's servers respond back with a failure message stating, "Meter number missing or invalid". That's pretty definitive evidence to us that FedEx does indeed require the meter number.

FedEx Environment
Admins have the option to set the FedEx module to either a Production or Development environment. The Production environment is recommended, it accepts production account and meter numbers, and generates legit tracking numbers and shipping labels. It is selected by default.

The Development environment accepts non-production account and meter numbers, and will create fake tracking numbers and shipping labels.

FedEx Packaging Type
Admins can select the type of packaging their FedEx shipments are packed in. The option of Your Packaging is recommended, and is selected by default.
Common Questions

authentication key & password
Some clients have reported that FedEx has informed them that they will need to also enter an API Authentication Key and API Authentication Password. (We've also seen these referred to as a Production Key/Password or Access key/Password.)

It is not necessary for a store Admin to enter an API Authentication Key or Password, so fields to record these are not present in the module's control panel.

These credentials are required once software-wide. Modular Merchant underwent a certification process with FedEx, at which time a software-wide API Authentication Key and Password were provided to hard-code into the software. This means that all users of the shopping cart use the same API credentials.

The API credentials used by the shopping cart software should be compatible with any valid FedEx account and meter numbers.

— Last Edited - 01/30/2012 2:55pm PST
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