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Getting Started Checklist

The Getting Started Checklist contains some of the recommended things to do in order to get your store up and running fast.  Each section of the Getting Started Checklist is explained in greater detail below.
Personalize your System Settings...

This section provides links to the System Settings page, which contain options that control much of the store's behavior.  Detailed info about the store's System Settings is available in the System Settings Overview.

To quickly configure your store's basic System Settings, use the Account Setup Wizard.
Create Products...

You can sell all kinds of products and services in your store: shipped products, downloads, subscriptions, etc.

To quickly customize the store's default product, use the Account Setup Wizard.
Use the Product Editor to create products with many more options.
Select a Store Design...

A Template Package is a pre-made set of templates for use in your storefront. You can also design your own.  Additional, free Template Packages are available by going to [Design > Get Template Packages].

Use the dropdown menu Set your store's Template Package to instantly change the store's live Template Package.

All Template Packages are completely customizable.  The Design section of the KB is a good place to start.
Select your Shipping Options...

Your store can get real-time shipping rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS. You can also create your own custom shipping formulas.

To quickly configure your store's shipping options, use the Account Setup Wizard.
Use the Shipping Method Editor to add or edit shipping methods with many more options.
Configure Sales Tax...

Sales tax can be based on zip codes. states, or countries.  The Account Setup Wizard can be used to create a simple sales tax rate.  Go to the [url]Tax Editor[url] for additional options.  Skip this section if your store does not use sales tax.
Select your Payment Options...

Your store is ready to accept orders by credit card or PayPal Standard; all you need to do is enter your merchant account info.

To quickly setup Payment Options for your store, use the Account Setup Wizard.

Use the System Settings for even more payment options for your store.

transactions restricted during trial period
During your account's Trial Period, no transactions are submitted to a payment processor. Once activated, the account will communicate with the payment processor and charge transactions.
Activate your Account!

Activation unlocks even more options for hosting, charging credit cards, invoicing subscriptions, reports, and other automated tasks.

Activating your account will also change the Home page of your Administration Area to the standard admin dashboard that includes: sales info, store performance data, statistics, and much more good stuff!

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  fifthworld said... July 04, 2013 -- 12:30pm PDT
How do you have multiple shipping addresses for a multiple quantity order? I buy 3 magazine subscriptions and want to ship them to the grandkids on a 1 item purchase with a quantity of 3?
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Getting Started Checklist